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October 4, 2018

Five Films That Will Get You In The Mood To Study This October

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cosy night on the sofa

September just passed and October feels like the right month for setting goals, organising your time, diving into assignments and study time. For students, October has the feel of a fresh start; be it a new course, a new degree, or a new skill.

But this is also the best time for a cosy night in, with a pumpkin spiced latte and a good film. So why not pick a film that will keep the school mood up and running. Plenty of good films have been made about students, schools, colleges and universities. Here is a selection of the most inspiring ones to watch this autumn. They will get you crying, laughing, empathising, but they will also get you in the mood for some serious studying.

1.  The History Boys – “ It’s just one bloody thing after another”

One unruly class of gifted and charming teenagers, taught by two eccentric teachers in an English, all-boys grammar school. The boys follow their hope of getting accepted by the finest universities in the country; Oxford and Cambridge, by taking an entry exam in History.


2. Dead Poets Society – “He was their inspiration. He made their lives extraordinary”

If you haven’t yet watched this film, it truly is a classic. Starring the late Robin Williams as unconventional English teacher John Keating, it is a deep and moving story about challenging the status quo through the mystery-shrouded club: Dead Poets Society.

3. Good Will Hunting – “Some people can never believe in themselves until someone believes in them”

Another award-winning classic starring Robin Williams, the story of Will Hunting is the kind of motivational story for those with a passion for crunching numbers, the underdogs and those struggling to believe in themselves. An MIT facilities worker with a special gift for mathematics will discover his purpose in life with the help of a psychologist.

4. Akeelah & The Bee – “Changing the world… one word at a time” 

The story of a smart, young girl with great aspirations who lives in an environment that threatens to stifle all her dreams.   Navigating a world of insecurities, outside factors and adults fighting their own demons, Akeelah is a true spirit of beating the odds and fair-play. A story that shows adults can learn a few lessons from children.

5. An Education – “Innocence of the young”

By contrast to the previous 4 motivational stories from above, this is a tale of missed opportunities, wrong steps and cheated youth. It is also a story of being allowed second chances and realizing it is never too late to achieve your dreams.

Race to Nowhere – “Are the young people of today prepared to step fully and productively into their future?”

One popular documentary you should watch, the “Race to Nowhere” questions the merits of scholar pressure in academic-conscious homes. When it came out, the public was divided on whether this is a good enough rendition of reality or just a few parents’ overreactions to normal pressures of the education system. Decide for yourself which view to take.


If we missed any of your favourite study flicks, let us know in the comments below. Or simply tell us what gets you in the mood for studying?


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