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10 Interesting Facts About the Access to Higher Education Diploma

February 6, 2018
girl with graduation diploma

Access Your Future! Do you want to know more about the Access to Higher Education Diploma and how it can help you pursue education at degree level? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This Level 3 qualification is a golden ticket to success. More[...]
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5 Ways to Save Even More Money with Stonebridge

January 24, 2018
Close-up Of Person Hand Inserting Coin In Pink Piggybank On Table. Save money

Save on costs with a distance learning course. Studying can be expensive. Even after you’ve covered your course fees there are still textbooks, stationary and transport costs to worry about. Not to mention mortgages, childcare and any pre-existing outgoings[...]
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Do You Believe in Life After Loans?

November 27, 2017
Student loan concept. Young woman with stack pile of books and piggy bank full of debt rethinking future career path

No matter how hard you try, you keep pushing HE (Higher Education) aside and you can’t break through… Are you one of the many people in the UK putting off reentering education? If you don’t have the A-Levels you need, finding the time and money[...]
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Study now and pay later with a 19+ Advanced Learner Loan

July 6, 2017
Looking for over 19 college funding?

Do you want to train for a new career, but worry about the cost of taking a qualification? We understand that our students want to get started on a course, without affecting family finances, and that’s where the 19+ Advanced Learner Loan can help. The[...]
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How to start a degree in psychology and sociology

November 2, 2016

Social science is a field of study that focuses on society and relationships between people. It’s broken down into topics including economics, human geography, psychology and sociology. Understanding how communities are built, and how different[...]
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Everything you need to know about 19+ Advanced Learner Loans

October 19, 2016
Advanced Learner Loans. Woman reading a tablet

The affordable way to study You’ve probably heard about loans for university students, but did you know that financial support is also available for distance learners? 19+ Advanced Learner Loans give you the opportunity to work towards a qualification,[...]
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How do you apply for early years jobs?

May 26, 2016
Early years jobs. Two children sitting by the sea.

Where can you find early years job vacancies? You can look for jobs online. Here are some great sites to try out: Not every vacancy will be advertised nationally.[...]
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Learner loans just got better!

May 23, 2016
19+ Learner Loans. Woman studying

24+ Learner Loans have changed.  Students aged 19 years and over can now apply for Advanced Learner Loans. What is a 19+ Learner Loan? A loan from the Government for students that are studying at levels 3-6. Available for UK students that are 19 and[...]
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How to apply for a 19+ Learner Loan

March 12, 2015
advanced learning loan

Are you eligible for a 19+ Learner Loan? 19+ Learner Loans are Government loans that help learners, aged 19 and over, to pay their college or training course fees. The loan isn’t affected by your income, there’s no credit check and you’ll only[...]
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