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Accountancy Courses

Accountancy and Bookkeeping Courses

Accountancy has become an essential part of business life and a course in accountancy and bookkeeping can provide you with all the essential skills that are needed. An accountancy and bookkeeping qualification is perfect if you have an interest in numbers and business. Our accountancy courses are offered at a range of levels, from A-Level to Byte Size Skills courses. These courses can provide an excellent platform to start a successful career as an accountant.

We also offer lots of opportunities to study our Sage 50 training courses, where you'll learn how to effectively use Sage accounting software giving you an excellent understanding of accounting in practice. Our student copy of Sage Instant Accounts comes with practice data to assist you with your studies. By becoming proficient in using Sage 50, you'll be able to record your own accounting records.

We also have courses that will provide you with an introduction to bookkeeping. These can help you understand the importance of bookkeeping and decide which bookkeeping option is most appropriate for your business. Our bookkeeping courses and accountancy courses are guaranteed to equip you with everything that’s necessary. Some of our accountancy and bookkeeping courses don't require any previous knowledge of accounting or finance.

You can learn about:

  • Managing finance and information systems within organisations
  • Understanding of principles of bookkeeping and financial record-keeping
  • The processes of managing products with computerised accounting software
£349.99 £262.49
Accounting is designed to help those with an interest in a business, or other organisation, to assess its financial position and performance. It aims to communicate relevant economic information to interested parties and, as a result, improve the quality of decisions that are made. Unless accounting achieves this purpose, it would really be a waste of effort to provide the ... full details
£359.99 £269.99
Management accounting is concerned with providing financial information about a particular organisation to managers to help them to manage. Management can be seen as a series of activities which involve decision making, planning and control. Thus management accounting is the collection, analysis, dissemination and interpretation of information for managers of an ... full details
£239.99 £179.99
About the Level 2 Introduction to Payroll Systems Certificate Paying employees is not as simple as a straightforward bank transfer. Particularly in larger companies, there are a number of systems involved to ensure that every employee is paying the correct sum towards taxes, pensions and national insurance. New staff must be added, old staff taken away, and everyone must... full details
£359.99 £269.99
This course builds directly on the Finance and Accounting Foundation Course. Topics in accounting usually have a fairly clearly defined answer. There are techniques available to generate a solution, often in the form of an accounting statement. However, accounting, especially financial accounting, tends to be historic in outlook (i.e. backward-looking), focusing on ... full details
£269.99 £202.49
Money is the raw material of the financial system. Money has no value in itself but is thought to be valuable because it represents real goods and services and because it allows people to make transactions, save, borrow and express value. A market is any place or situation where buyers and sellers come together. Financial intermediaries come together in financial markets... full details
£369.99 £277.49
About the Level 4 Financial Management Certificate Financial managers are usually in charge of sourcing, allocating and controlling financial resources. Effective financial management is essential for a company’s survival. If you see yourself making important decisions that help businesses to run smoothly, this Level 4 distance learning course could be perfect for you. ... full details
£359.99 £269.99
Many questions arise in the running of a business and many decisions need to be made daily, based on sound financial information. Do you hold a position within a company, but do not have the skills needed to better understand the financial aspects of the business? This course is designed to assist you to gain the skills and knowledge needed to improve your understanding ... full details
£309.99 £232.49
About the Level 4 Finance and Accounting Certificate Contrary to popular belief, accounting is not just about counting up numbers. Accountants are expected to store, sort, retrieve summarise and present financial information and then analyse and interpret it. These processes work to assess a company’s expenditure and keep the business financially healthy. If you want to ... full details
£299.99 £224.99
Business Finance deals with the raising and managing of funds. Irrespective of the organisation's size, at some point in time, management will need to address the issues raised when attempting to secure funds for the organisation. Fund management activities require financial forecasting. This forecasting allows the organisation to develop long term strategic plans ... full details
£309.99 £232.49
This programme is designed for people seeking to understand and apply the principles of finance and financial control of a business. The course is particularly suited to the general manager with responsibility for a small organisation or a department, needing a broad understanding of a range of financial planning and management techniques. At the end of the course you ... full details
£349.99 £262.49
Accounting has become an essential part of business life, and the knowledge and skills that you will learn in your studies will give you a broader and more experienced view of business life. About this Course The course has been written to introduce you to the bookkeeping and accounting skills required in Britain and around the world. Full details of topics covered ... full details
£329.99 £247.49
This course has been developed to give the student the underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills at managing finance and information systems within organisations. The emphasis is on the management process, giving an understanding of the concepts, theories and systems, and thereby developing the skills needed to manage financial resources and handle information in ... full details

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