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They begin at birth

Learning at home is the most natural and effective way for you to gain knowledge. This enlightening process begins at birth. And in the first five years of your life the highest amount of learning takes place.

Where? In your own home. In fact, distance learning at home in those first few years sets the course for the rest of a child’s life. “8’s too late” is a phrase that has now become commonplace amongst educational researchers.

It’s only after those early years that the “formal” institutions take over the instruction of your mainly “academic” subjects. Schools have no doubt successfully offered an equal opportunity to all to gain a basic education. But this rigid and impersonal system has its drawbacks and is not always the best way to continue your lifelong learning.

Whilst home learning courses can even be used to supplement this fundamental schooling they excel as the most effective method of further education.

Why So Effective?

“OK”, I hear you say. “Learning the basics of life from Mum at home is one thing, but seriously studying a subject at a higher level is entirely another. Can home learning courses do this effectively? Surely a college or university are better placed to fulfil this role.”

Home learning courses are extremely effective:
  • Because you are not distracted or embarrassed by other students. Remember not asking questions because you felt a fool? Remember “results time” and wondering how you would fare against the other students? Remember not being able to concentrate because of disruptive students?
  • Because you have a personal friendly tutor who deals with your questions, worries and progress. Contrast that with a class size of 20+, or with having a question answered, but still not understanding it.
  • Because you can study at your own pace. Remember trying to “keep up” when you were struggling or wanting to “go faster” when it was clear to you, but not to others?
  • Because you can study and qualify from your own home – your castle! Home was where you began your lifetime’s journey of learning, so it’s the natural place to continue. Compare your warm, quiet spot, with a coffee in your hand to that inhospitable classroom environment. Plus no travelling time or expense – that’s a real boon.
  • Because you concentrate on one subject, the one you have chosen, the one that fits your purpose like a glove.

How do they Work?

Most good home learning courses by definition have the following factors in common:

  • Course material split into modules delivered to your own home in the form of: printed documents; DVDs; CD ROMs; audio files; electronic files; web-based material (webinars, interactive software etc)
  • Ongoing learning support from a friendly knowledgeable tutor, via email or telephone
  • Ongoing assessment via assignments which ensure the previous material has been absorbed and understood
  • A final assessment with accredited qualifications for successful students
  • Provision for practical training when necessary

How to Choose Your Course

Because home learning courses are…

So enjoyable,
so successful,
so accepted…

…there are now thousands of home learning courses to choose from and many suppliers offering them. How do you make the right choices?

1. Clearly identify why you want to take a home learning course:

  • Is it for a job change?
  • Is it to secure a promotion or add skills for your current job?
  • Is it simply to begin or develop an interest for non-vocational reasons?
  • Maybe there are other reasons for your decision to choose from a list of home learning courses.

2. Carefully match your requirements against the reason for your enrolment and the content of the course at which you are looking:

  • Is the qualification what you need?
  • Will your employer (current or future) recognise the qualification?
  • Does the syllabus cover all the knowledge you require?

3. Ensure you can complete the course in the time you need to.

4. Check that you have the facilities needed by the course.

  • Does it require the internet?
  • Is any other software needed to complete the course?
  • What about any practical aspects?
Six Questions to Check You Have a Good Supplier

So, in principle you’ve made your choice. Now just make sure the supplier is OK!

1. Does the price include everything?

  • postage
  • certification
  • required software
  • tutor support

2. Is the course accredited by a reputable professional and independent body?

3. Can you enrol at any time?

4. Does the “tutor support” impose time limits for finishing the course?

5. If using a payment plan are the interest charges reasonable?

6. Does the supplier have a satisfactory contact system?

Stonebridge Home Learning Courses Tick All the Boxes

You can choose from over 600 of our home learning courses to pick the right one for you. If you have any doubts or questions just give us a call on 0121 392 8288.

Most of our home learning courses have a staged payment plan, and whenever this is the case we do not charge any interest. You can start at any time and finish when you like with continued tutor support. Plus all our courses are accredited by professional independent bodies.

So choose your course with confidence. Enrol today, enjoy your learning journey and fully benefit from your training and qualification.

If you would like more information on our home learning courses please feel free to contact us or click on the links below to view the wide range of courses on offer!

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