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"The Stonebridge course was worth every inch of study and I've got a brilliant job as a result of it."
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Stonebridge College helps people to change their life

Compliments like Stacey's from our graduate survey are not uncommon, as student after student completes their course with greater knowledge of their chosen subject, deeper understanding of the principles involved and the newly honed skills that enable them to confidently enjoy their chosen profession. To say nothing of the accredited qualification that will open doors to careers they could not consider entering before the successful completion of their course.

"A supportive environment with professional and efficient back up when needed, good resources and guidance."
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We fully support students throughout their learning journey

Christine enjoyed her course so much that that she has now completed three in total. The reason that so many students quickly relax into their studies and enjoy them is because of the superb tutor support that they receive. All of Stonebridge tutors are handpicked professionals, fully qualified to coach their students to success. Not only that they are friendly in their approach and encouraging with the counsel they offer. Unlike many other colleges tutors can be contacted can either be by telephone or email, you the student choose which is best for you.

"I enjoyed the fact that I could study when it was convenient for me."
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And we understand that most students already have demanding schedules

There is no finish deadline on the vast majority of Stonebridge distant learning courses. This means that students can fit their home study around their existing commitments not having to worry about completing their course to a set deadline. When comparing FE colleges with Stonebridge home study this fact clearly stands out. There are no set times to study nor any costly time consuming trips to unwelcoming “bricks and mortar” classrooms, just the privacy and comfort of your own home!

"The course was a good investment of time and money, it gave me more confidence and empowerment."
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Stonebridge home study courses offer the maximum return on a modest investment

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time” so said the motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn. Those wise words are taken to heart by all at Stonebridge which means that the courses are created in such a manner as to convey the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills in an interesting yet economical fashion. The blended learning courses combine theory modules that can be studied at home with practical sessions on Campus. The result is a startlingly effective way of learning even the most practical of subjects.

When it comes to paying for your course Stonebridge cannot be bettered. Heavy investment in information technology now enables courses to be delivered without the need for heavy overheads. The course fees are nearly always the most student-friendly in the whole of the UK without neglecting any aspect of delivery. Not only that, students have up to four methods of paying their fees dependent on the course in question.

  • Pay up front and receive a discount
  • Monthly staged payments with no interest added
  • Privately funded loans via Pay4Later
  • Publicly funded loans via 19+ Advanced Learner Loans

When it comes to choice we believe that our range of courses cannot be bettered

There are over 700 courses split across 30 specialist learning centres each supported by an active online student community. Course and qualification accreditation is done by the most relevant independent national accreditation bodies so you can be sure that your training and subsequent qualifications are more than “fit for purpose”.

Blended learning offered across the UK

Whilst the headquarters of Stonebridge College is in Bude, Cornwall you can complete the practical side of our blended learning courses at various our campuses around the country. These include Birmingham, Brentwood, Barnsley, Leeds, London and Sheffield.

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The benefits of NUS extra with Stonebridge

You are eligible to enrol on our NUS Extra scheme from just £12 and claim big discounts. As a registered Stonebridge student, you can use the NUS extra card to get money off:

Beauty • Eating Out • Entertainment • Fashion • Finance • Health & Fitness • Music & Technology • Supermarket food shopping & Travel

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Benefits of NUS extra

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