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Teaching Assistant Courses

If you want a job where you can make a positive difference to the lives of young people, perhaps you should consider a career as a teaching assistant. Unlike a run-of-the-mill office job, working as a teaching assistant is varied, fulfilling and promises to be different every day.

Embark on an online course with Stonebridge and you could gain the qualifications and confidence that you need to secure the perfect job. Before long, you will be providing essential support to children and teachers and helping to drive the success of your chosen school.

Our three most popular home study courses are listed on the Ofqual Register. They are all RQF – or Regulated Qualifications Framework – accredited courses, which means they are widely recognised by schools nationwide. As a teaching assistant, this will be something your future employers will look out for. What’s more is that most of your study sessions can be completed from home.

Also, with more than 20 years’ experience delivering distance learning courses, Stonebridge is fully prepared to help you along the way. From educational and administrative assistance, to personal, emotional support, we will do all we can to ensure your success as a teaching assistant.

Emily, a recent graduate, wrote...

I feel more confident in my
role as a Teaching Assistant
and am able to cover classes
on my own, knowing I have
the qualifications and
expertise to do so. 

Choose your course with confidence, enrol today and join the happy band of Stonebridge educated teaching assistants.

Why choose Stonebridge

You are going to invest time and money into a teaching assistant course
so you need to be sure that:

1  The college delivering your course has expertise built on experience
2  There will be encouraging support at hand from qualified tutors
3  The course you choose and subsequent qualification is recognised by
schools in general

Watch this short video to be quickly convinced that Stonebridge is an outstanding choice.
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See how Mary, although out of education for some time, changed career to that of teaching assistant with the help of one of our courses.
...You could easily do the same
£199.99 £149.99
Open and flexible learning has become Europe's fastest growing training method. It has been used successfully for a wide range of applications with many different types of learners and from an increasingly diverse field. This course is designed to provide definitions and explanations of the main aspects of open learning. full details
£239.99 £179.99
Supporting Open Learners provides an introduction to the main methods and issues in support systems for open learning. It aims to give a broad view of support. full details
£199.99 £149.99
Studying is an active process. Open learning materials enable adult learners to take responsibility for their own learning. This course has been prepared as an open learning resource for people who wish to undertake a learning programme, which involves them preparing for a period of studying. It is designed either to form part of any course of study or may be used as a ... full details
£359.99 £269.99
This course looks at bullying in schools and outlines ways that schools can support victims of bullying and help reduce levels of bullying. A series of Reflection on Practice exercises gets you to reflect on your own school and your own practice and looks at how procedures and interventions to do with bullying could be improved. The resources are up to date and relevant ... full details
£399.99 £299.99
This is a bespoke course that has been designed to promote an understanding of 6-12year olds and their specific needs. It is unique in its endeavours as it captures all the elements of child development, psychology and attachments within the psychosocial  development of middle childhood and offers candidates a greater understanding of the complex  developments ... full details
£299.99 £224.99
An understanding of child/young people development is of paramount importance to any person working with or involved with children/young people. Understanding child development forms part of the curriculum for the various qualifications you can study for if you wish to work with children/young people.   The Early Years Foundation Stage recognises the importance of ... full details
£419.99 £314.99
This Level 4 Autism Awareness Advanced course builds on the Level 3 Autism Awareness course. It covers key discoveries and claims in the history of the condition and outlines modern research surrounding the autism spectrum. The course also covers the educational context for autism, including communication and Theory of Mind, and outlines approaches and common issues ... full details
£269.99 £202.49
Not all teaching takes place in schools, although this is the norm, and the typical teaching situation consists of a teacher confronting a class of pupils who are to learn from the teacher. The teacher is seen as a professional worker whose authority and place in society depends on a special role and competence. The teacher is a craftsman and a professional, and usually ... full details
£199.99 £149.99
Drama has been with us all since the very beginning: primitive man deals with the circumstances that shape his life by dramatically representing them through storytelling. Dance, folklore, chanting, ritual and self-identification with an animate or inanimate object still form integral parts of some societies: birth, death, work, hunting - all aspects of human life are ... full details
£239.99 £179.99
This course examines areas of communication, language, play and social learning, whilst exploring the physical, mental and emotional development of the child. Formulated to cater to the needs and requirements of those engaged, or contemplating careers in child care, nursing or social care. It will also have great appeal to the parent who is seeking to enhance his or her ... full details
£269.99 £202.49
Our Playwork course is divided into six units, each of which deals with one or more learning outcomes related to one or more aspects of Play and Playwork. About Playwork Once you have completed the entire Playwork Course you will have achieved all the learning outcomes. By the end of the Playwork course you will be able to: Understand Playwork Principles and ... full details
£329.99 £247.49
The UK has a significant number of visitors and residents whose primary language is not English, resulting in ever-expanding opportunities for teachers of English as a second language. With the growth of English as the international language of business and communication these teachers are now finding themselves stretched to capacity.  About Teaching English This... full details
£399.99 £299.99
This course looks at the area of classroom behaviour and gives practical tips and strategies to use to be successful when working with pupils. A series of Reflection on Practice exercises gets you to reflect on your classroom practice and how it might be adapted. The resources are up to date and relevant and cover areas such as research into behaviour, how to make a ... full details
£149.99 £112.49
This course deals with a number of basic mathematical concepts that will be used during your study and/or work life. When you have worked through this unit you will be able to: Understand the number system and relationships between sizes of objects Appreciate and work with some basic elements in algebra and algebraic manipulation Solve simple and simultaneous ... full details
£459.99 £344.99
‘Special Educational Needs’ refers to learning difficulties or disabilities that make learning, communication or behaviour more challenging for a child with these special needs than for others of a similar age. Our Special Educational Needs (SEN) course addresses learning outcomes related to aspects of working with children who have specific special educational ... full details
£379.99 £284.99
The Autism Awareness course aims to develop your understanding of the diverse condition of autism and gives practical suggestions when working with autistic individuals. Autism refers to a whole range of social, language and communication problems. Severity ranges from mild and often undiagnosed to severe, where it is almost impossible for people to successfully engage ... full details
£659.99 £494.99
The NCFE CACHE Level 2 Award in Support Work in Schools (RQF) has been designed to provide learners with the understanding they need to become effective school support workers. The distance learning qualification is knowledge based. This means that students do not have to be working in a school whilst they complete the qualification. The online course itself develops ... full details
£1,499.99 £1,124.99
The NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools has been specially designed to educate learners who want to become teaching assistants, learning support assistants or SEN assistants. The distance learning qualification consists of nine online units, which will help students develop an understanding in subjects ranging from supporting child ... full details
£519.99 £389.99
Are you an aspiring teaching assistant looking to progress in your career? The Higher Level Teaching Assistant course is designed for learners that are looking for flexible online training and to find out more about what it takes to build a career in education. Teaching assistants work closely with teachers and help them to manage their workload. Higher level teaching ... full details
£459.99 £344.99
This Special Educational Needs Advanced course is a progression from our Special Educational Needs course. The advanced course delves deeper into the theoretical foundation and prepares students even further to effectively work with children with special educational needs. Students will learn the definitions and key principles of special educational needs, as well as the... full details
£479.99 £359.99
If you are wondering how to become a teaching assistant, this online course could be ideal for you. This distance learning qualification has been designed with those with an interest in becoming a teaching assistant in mind. You don’t need any previous experience to apply for this course and you won’t be required to undergo a placement. However, if you do have some ... full details
Accreditation by NCFE | 15 Units | 44 CREDITS | Just 50 HOUR Placement Needed  
£899.99 £674.99
The NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools (RQF) has been designed to provide individuals with the knowledge they need to become effective teaching assistants. On completion of the qualification, students will have increased their employability and will feel confident supporting leaning in a primary, secondary or SEN classroom ... full details
Loans available for students aged 19+ Government backed loans
Accreditation by CACHE | 4 Units | 12 CREDITS | NO Placement Needed  
£489.99 £367.49
If you are looking to work in a Level 3 teaching assistant role, this could be the ideal course for you. This award has been designed as a form of initial training to equip aspiring teaching assistants with the know-how they need to achieve their career goals. This distance learning qualification is also suitable for current support staff who are looking to increase their ... full details
Accreditation by NCFE | 11 Units | 32 CREDITS | Just 50 HOUR Placement Needed  
£599.99 £449.99
Are you a teaching assistant looking to gain new skills? The Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Certificate (RQF) Level 3 is suited to anyone who is passionate about helping young people to reach their academic potential. Level 3 teaching assistants play a key role by working one-to-one with pupils and supporting teachers to manage their workloads. This distance... full details
Loans available for students aged 19+ Government backed loans

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Gill's Story
Gill's Story

I’m working twice as hard and earning half as much, but I wouldn’t change for the world

When you work closely with young children, playing a part in their development, it is worth much more than you could possibly imagine. The work of a teaching assistant maybe challenging, varied and tiring but you really do “make a difference” in the lives of your young pupils...

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