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Teaching Assistant Courses

The role of a teaching assistant (classroom assistant) is extremely enjoyable and the working hours extremely convenient for many people, particularly those with school age children. But although the ratio of teaching assistants to teachers continues to rise there is a lot of competition to actually get a post.

So if you do not currently have a placement you should find it easier to obtain an interview and indeed get a job if you either have a qualification, or are currently undertaking an accredited teaching assistant course.

On the other hand, if you are already enjoying the job of teaching assistant, accredited training can help you become more effective and secure in your role.

Not only that, there are CPD courses that can add to your foundation training and offer prospects of advancement, greater satisfaction and a welcome increase in income.

Below you will find our five most popular teaching assistant courses, each with a brief description. A complete list is shown on the top left hand side of this page. Be sure to click through to the actual course pages to get the full flavour of these excellent training courses and realise the benefit they will bring you.


Our Most Popular Teaching Assistant Courses

Teaching Assistant £349.99 £249.99

No placement is needed for this NCFE accredited course home study course. In just 9 easy to understand modules you will learn about all the support functions that a classroom assistant is involved in. This is our most popular TA foundation course utilised by schools and individual students alike . Click through to find out why!

Course Details

Teaching Assistant: CACHE Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools (QCF) £599.99 £349.99

CACHE is the UK’s is the only specialist awarding organisation for the children and adult care sectors so this course for teaching assistants carries a high level of credibility. It is listed on the QCF (500/9963/2) and awards 12 credits to you when you qualify. No placement necessary.

Course Details

Teaching Assistant: Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Certificate QCF Level 3 £469.99 £349.99

This excellent and extremely popular course not only covers the knowledge and understanding that underpins the work of a TA it has a practical, competence-based element that builds confidence in applying your theoretical knowledge. A placement of just 50 hrs is needed.

Course Details

Special Educational Needs (SEN) £329.99 £249.99

Supporting children with special educational needs in a school setting can be a challenge but the rewards are great as you witness the progress of the children in your care. This course of four meticulously crafted modules will help you help them! If SEN interests you at all, click through now for the full details.

Course Details

Higher Level Teaching Assistant £429.99 £249.99

Many are happy to continue in their role as a professional and effective TA. But you may wish to make progress and take on more responsibility, organising the work of other teaching assistants and even taking a whole class in place of a teacher. This course is mapped to the 33 standards for HLTA status and will prepare you for assessment as such.

Course Details

Most Recent Student Reviews

22nd May 2013

What is/was the best thing about your course?

This course was fantastic- with the added advantage of studying at home with a very flexible time limit (needed with a toddler!), the course covers a wide range of things related to Child Psychology.

Other comments?

I found the course challenging at times, but I view that as a positive, especially with the help of a tutor so readily available. I feel any knowledge about child psychology is not needed when taking this course and as I am now hoping to study again with Stonebridge doing a Teaching Assistant course, I will have the added bonus of having the dimploma in child psychology while applying for jobs. I cannot recommend Stonebridge and this course high enough. Thank you!

Written By Jasmine Gullett
13th Mar 2013

What is/was the best thing about your course?

Efficiency, quality, quick, helpful and a generally good course.

Other comments?

Cannot recommend this highly enough- thoroughly enjoyed it and no problems whatsoever. Just received word tonight that I got a distinction as well. I am also just about to enrol on another course as well- go for it!!

Written By Vic
13th Dec 2012

What is/was the best thing about your course?

I decided to do this course especially when I wanted to volunteer at a local kindergarten, and I found it really great! Registration was straightforward. I passed the assignments and final exam without any problem (most questions can be answered from the course material!) as the course is enjoyable and well designed. My tutor was very helpful and marked my tests within 2-3 days. I love children and teaching, and this course was exactly what I needed. I did the course online (very easy to navigate), so it was fast (and even my diploma arrived quickly!). This course taught me a lot about children, promoting healthy behaviour, the national curriculums, teaching tips, etc…, and helped me feel more confident in a classroom. I can’t recommend this course enough!

Other comments?

You will love this Teaching Assistant course! It's worth every penny. And the thing I asked myself when I finished it and got my beautiful diploma is... "how come I didn’t discover Stonebridge Colleges before?!!".

Written By AstralW
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