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Social science is a field of study that looks in-depth at human behaviour and how it influences the way that we structure our lives. Many different topics integrate within this branch of learning. Social science relates to sectors such as politics, social work, economics and psychology.

Should you aspire to work in this field but lack qualifications to gain entry to university an Access to HE Diploma could help. Access to HE Diplomas are equivalent to A Level study but unlike A Levels, you don’t need multiple courses. This means you’re able to get qualified and apply to university after just one course.

Although the overwhelming majority of universities accept the Access to Higher Education Diplomas, some do not. Always double-check before enrolling to make sure you’re meeting the entry requirements of your desired institute.

There are plenty of career opportunities in the realm of social sciences and humanities, but if you are only beginning your trajectory, then you need to start by learning the foundations.


Psychology and sociology allow you to better understand not only the society in which you are a part of but also what motivates individuals to take the action they do, whether that’s to help or hinder the wider society.

The concept of human behaviour and the different ways people function in society is truly fascinating. Where some are upstanding citizens and live life in line with the law, others commit deviant or criminal acts and take advantage of the system, or others, to get what they want. 


Studying the relationship between health and society will allow you to understand the world and the way it functions. You will also grasp a knowledge of human behaviour and how mental and physical health affects societal structures.

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