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Explore ecology, the environment and conservation and learn skills to work in agriculture, forestry management and engineering.

  • Accreditation by Open College Network West Midlands

Qualify as a counsellor and help transform young people's lives

Guide the young minds of today; build the extraordinary people of tomorrow

  • Accreditation by Stonebridge Associated Colleges
  • 8 units

History is the study of key features and characteristics of our past. It is the social science of analysing events and making judgements based on the evidence.

Biology is one of the most fascinating and rapidly developing fields to study. For all we know about the human body and the natural world, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

History is the social science of analysing events and making judgements based on the evidence provided. Through your GCSE History, you’ll study key features and characteristics of our past.

This course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the most common forms of mental health issues. Each module will focus on a particular issue, its causes and what can be done to manage it. 

Anatomy and Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology Category

Anatomy and physiology courses allow you to learn about and investigate the structure and function of the human body. You will learn about the basic organisation of major body parts... Learn more >

Access to Higher Education
Access to Higher Education Category

This is the Stonebridge Associated Colleges Faculty for Access to Higher Education Diploma courses, designed to prepare you for university. Most high-level professions require you to have a degree, and... Learn more >

Access to Higher Education Diploma (Health)
Access to Higher Education Diploma (Health) Category

Can you picture yourself working in the healthcare sector? Do you want a challenging and varied career that improves the lives of others? If you’ve answered yes to both of... Learn more >

Social Work
Social Work Category

If you’re an aspiring social worker without qualifications to apply for university than these Access to HE Diplomas could help. The course covers the core elements of social work such... Learn more >

Humanities Category

If you’re an aspiring humanitarian these Access to HE Diplomas can help you gain entry to university without A Levels. The Access to HE Diplomas cover a range of topics... Learn more >

Medicine and Healthcare Professions
Medicine and Healthcare Professions Category

If you think you can’t have a career in medicine without 3 A*s at A Level think again. These Access to HE Diplomas are alternative level 3 qualification to A... Learn more >

Education Category

A career in education promises to be challenging, varied and fulfilling. Passionate and qualified teachers are always in high demand meaning you will never struggle to find a job. For... Learn more >

Science Category

Science is at the heart of social, anatomical and technological understanding. And when it comes to graduate employment, the job market is a science graduate’s oyster. If you’d like to... Learn more >

Social Science
Social Science Category

Social science is a field of study that looks in-depth at human behaviour and how it influences the way that we structure our lives. Many different topics integrate within this... Learn more >

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