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  • Accreditation by NCFE CACHE
  • Support and nurture young minds to help them reach their potential

  • Accreditation by Stonebridge Associated Colleges
  • 10 units
  • Accreditation by Focus Awards
  • Achieve the career progression you deserve with this qualification

  • Accreditation by NCFE CACHE
  • With more than a million children across England who speaks English as an additional language, it‚Äôs really important they get the support they need in school.

  • Accreditation by Complementary Medical Association
  • 6 units
  • Accreditation by British Institute of Learning and Development (BILD)
  • 4 units
  • Accreditation by NCFE CACHE
  • Guide the young minds of today; build the extraordinary people of tomorrow

  • Accreditation by Stonebridge Associated Colleges
  • 10 units
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