Veterinary and Zoology Qualifications Courses.

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The Level 3 Diploma in Canine Massage is the ideal qualification choice if you’re interested in providing therapeutic massage to dogs.

The qualification will suit those who are planning to work within the sector and for those planning to set up their own canine massage business.


This course is designed as a top-up qualification for Veterinary Professionals who wish to expand their medical training and contribute to their continued professional development.

In the UK and around the world there are many animals currently housed in zoos and safari parks. 
For those people working or volunteering with these captive animals, a good knowledge of their diet requirements and their digestive systems is vital.

This Level 3 Award in Elephant Studies will give you the opportunity to learn all about these complex and social animals.

The qualification covers elephant evolution, biology, ecology, and behaviour. 

This qualification will teach you how to care for reptiles and promote good health and welfare.

You will also get to explore the conservation efforts and modern research in reptiles.

This Level 3 Award in Wildlife Photography has been specifically designed to give you the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to be able to work in wildlife photography.

The Level 3 Diploma in Zoology is an ideal qualification choice if you’re interested in working in one of the many zoological careers, or if you currently work in the zoology sector and would like a qualification to support your knowledge.  

This Level 3 Award in Carnivore Studies: Big Cats will give you the opportunity to explore the diversity of carnivorous big cat species found throughout the animal kingdom alongside learning about their evolution, biology and behaviour


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