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My Experience with a Student Foot Health Practitioner

November 15, 2018
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It’s never too late to try something new. Today, I did just that. I had my first foot health treatment from a trained professional. Well, no, I am lying. This wasn’t a professional. Not quite yet anyway! It was one of our foot health students here[...]
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6 Students Tell You Why They Chose the Foot Health Care Practitioner Diploma

March 15, 2018

A Step in the Right Direction! Most people do not give feet a second thought. They are typically the most used yet most ignored part of our bodies. As a result, foot problems are very common. In fact, almost 60% of the population encounter some affection[...]
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Learn how to change career and start a foot care business

June 30, 2017
Starting a foot care business is simple with Stonebridge.

“The training didn’t interfere with any part of my life.” Darren Stevens is a tax lawyer and senior partner at an accounting firm. Despite enjoying his job, he recently experienced a health scare after a day “full of arguments[...]
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A mobile foot health journey: one year on the road

June 6, 2017
Start a foot health training course with Stonebridge

Discover how a husband and wife both trained to become foot health practitioners, and went on to set up a successful business. “Blended learning suited my needs.” When Christine Fox was made redundant from her job in finance, she started[...]
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Discover how to become a foot health practitioner with Stonebridge College

April 3, 2017
Foot care training will give you the knowledge to offer consultations to clients

An aging UK population means that more people than ever before are seeking treatment for foot complaints. If you’re looking for a flexible new career, with scope to set up your own business, this fast-growing industry could be for you. With 26[...]
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Why work in foot health?

June 21, 2016

If you’re looking for a new career, working as a foot health care practitioner might not be something you’ve thought about. Did you know that there’s a lot of demand for skilled professionals to look after people’s feet? It’s[...]
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How to market yourself as a foot health practitioner

November 23, 2015
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So you’ve successfully completed a professional foot health practitioner course that included a solid foundation of relevant theoretical tuition, accompanied by practical training. Now you have an accredited level 3 or level 4 certificate in your[...]
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Setting up a business as a foot health practitioner

November 18, 2015
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As many of our students have demonstrated, there is a definite place for foot health practitioners in the foot care market. The Stonebridge foot health practitioner course was fairly new when Sharon Richards spotted it and she immediately recognised the[...]
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Want to be a Foot Health Practitioner?

October 21, 2015
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Become a Foot Health Practitioner with Stonebridge College and open yourself up to many different opportunities. The foot has to be one of the most neglected parts of the human body. Therefore, it’s highly important that we make sure that we take[...]
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Happy New Year, New Career and New Training Clinic

December 12, 2013

Stonebridge are to open a ‘state of the art’ Foot Health Training clinic right in the heart of busy Birmingham. Just 5 minutes from Birmingham New Street railway station, the new Foot Health educational centre is ideally located for students from[...]
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