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Agriculture, Horticulture and Gardening

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Agriculture, Horticulture and Gardening Courses

Agriculture, Horticulture and Gardening Courses

We offer a wide range of agricultural courses here at Stonebridge. If you’re green-fingered and have a deep interest in all things outdoorsy, then we offer some excellent courses which are both theoretical and practical within the fields of agriculture, horticulture and gardening. These will not only help you explore your interests and passions further, but will provide you with all of the necessary skills to further your career ambitions, in these areas

We offer a unique course in hydrophonics. This is the cultivation of house plants by placing the roots in a liquid nutrient solution, rather than soil. Our hydrophonics course will guide you through the process of successfully operating your own hydrophonics set-up, as well as DIY hydrophonics.

If you’re a fungi fan then you could learn the principles and concepts of how to grow your own mushrooms. Our garden design courses will allow to unleash your creativity and create the garden of your dreams.

As well as providing a more in-depth understanding of horticulture, we provide a range of related horticulture courses such as farming management and farming machinery. They establish the skills and knowledge that’s needed to make a living from farming - something that often starts off as a small hobby.

You can learn about:

  • The scope and nature of the farm industry and farming management
  • Elements of style, basic techniques and professional tricks of garden design
  • Maintaining a garden in a healthy, presentable state
£329.99 NOW £214.49 - November SALE discount applied
Looking after those plants in the home or office to ensure they grow and produce the best effect for the home or office environment is a skill most of us wish we had. The course helps you to gain these skills and obtain the knowledge needed to ensure your indoor plants thrive. full details
£369.99 NOW £240.49 - November SALE discount applied
This course is a journey through your garden and the work to be done in it during the 12 months of the year. With the help of the moon we can improve the harvest without using any fertilizer to enhance it. Plants grow healthier and are sturdier if you work with them at the right time. The moon travels within 27.2 days through the 12 zodiacal sign. Each sign has a ... full details
£329.99 NOW £214.49 - November SALE discount applied
Over the past 30 years the popularity and consumption of mushrooms has expanded in leaps and bounds worldwide. Mushrooms are relatively easy to grow, and with the advent of a range of home growing kits, the home mushroom farm has become a reality for many a home gardener. This course has been written to teach mushroom growing in a way which will be relevant to any ... full details
£399.99 NOW £259.99 - November SALE discount applied
Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants by placing the roots in a liquid nutrient solution rather than in soil. Many of us, have placed a plant cutting in water and noticed that it sprouts roots and begins to grow. This is a simple form of hydroponics. Unfortunately, most plants will not sprout roots and all you get is dead stems and smelly water. This course will teach ... full details
£369.99 NOW £240.49 - November SALE discount applied
About the Level 3 Farm Machinery Care Certificate Many farmers are heavily reliant on machinery to help them complete their tasks. Farming equipment is large, expensive and in the wrong hands, it can be dangerous. This is why it is essential it is handled by experienced individuals. The Level 3 Farm Machinery Care Certificate teaches learners how best to maintain and care ... full details
£459.99 NOW £298.99 - November SALE discount applied
Do you watch the TV gardening programmes and wonder how you could be as diverse as the presenters are with the different garden designs they come up with? Our course in Landscaping will provide you with the skills to set you on this road to success. The course aims to develop a solid understanding of the principles and procedures underlying the design and development of ... full details
£459.99 NOW £298.99 - November SALE discount applied
Explore the art of garden design in this comprehensive course. You will learn the fundamental elements of style, basic techniques and professional tricks necessary to design the gardens of your dreams. Professional garden design is something that is inspirational and is essentially solving the various logistical problems associated with what you have to work with, where ... full details
£429.99 NOW £279.49 - November SALE discount applied
This subject aims to provide you with a firm basis for maintaining a garden in a healthy and presentable state. Garden maintenance is a diverse area of study, sometimes thought of as being the mundane side of horticulture, though in fact it is today quite technical and a very critical area of concern. full details
£489.99 NOW £318.49 - November SALE discount applied
Have you always wanted to work your own farm, or have the land, but not the skills? This unique course in Farming and Management will provide you with the skills needed to achieve these tasks. Due to a number of key factors, such as cost and suitable knowledge, the people who are most likely to become farmers are those people who have been raised on or have lived on a ... full details
£489.99 NOW £318.49 - November SALE discount applied
Horticulture is the growing of plants and understanding of the make-up of the soil and the best way to ensure you maximise the ground around you is a skill a lot of us want to know. About Horticulture Our Horticulture course provides the skills and knowledge needed to better understand this complex subject. full details

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