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Animal Care

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Animal Care Courses
It has given me the knowledge to begin setting up my own business, enabling me to have a new career I have longed for. Hayley Richardson

Animal Care Courses

If you're looking for a hands-on career which is both thrilling, enjoyable and rewarding and you're an animal lover, then there's an increasing amount of opportunities working with animals. Even better, there's the opportunity to become self-employed and supplement your income with related roles.

We offer a range of dog training courses, for all dog lovers out there, such as dog grooming, dog babysitting, starting a dog walking business and the opportunity to become skilled in dog obedience training. Dogs benefit hugely from dog obedience classes as good canine behaviour makes them happier and more well-balanced. Our dog training courses are highly beneficial for both the pet and the owner.

Our animal communication courses will help you connect with animals and understand animal behaviour better. If have an appreciation of horses’ then our equine courses will give you more of an understanding about horses and their energy systems. Equine courses cover all the different aspects of horse management, stable management and looking after your horse.

The ever-growing sector of animal care means that our courses will open doors to a wide range of exciting careers and job roles with animals, especially with the growing demand for pet psychologists and even dog groomers.

You can learn about:

  • The basic care and needs of animals
  • Vital signs, natural habits and behaviour of your animals
  • How pets think, learn and feel
£509.99 £331.49
In this course we will be delving deeper into the subject of equine energy therapy. In this course we will be investigating the equine star chakras as well as in-depth therapeutic techniques including emotional freedom technique. You will learn how to read the horse's aura as well as learning how to move the horse through energy when riding.   The horse's ... full details
£549.99 £357.49
About the Level 3 Dog Obedience Trainer Certificate Are you a dog person? Do you want to turn your love of dogs into a viable career? Or are you looking to teach your own pet some impressive tricks? If you have answered yes to any of these three questions, this could be the ideal distance learning course for you. With the correct training and impeccable care, a dog really ... full details
£489.99 £318.49
About the Level 3 Energy Healing for Animals Certificate You may not realise it at face value, but animals suffer emotionally – just like humans. They can’t talk to us about this, so it is our job to understand and do the best we can to help. This course has been designed to combine modern energy therapy with animal care. If you want to work with animals and you have an ... full details
£439.99 £285.99
This course is designed not only to give you information on the basics and legalities of companion animal healing but also enables you to work deeply and effectively with the animal's emotions and physical body. During the course not only will you be learning about the animal's most commonly worked with energetic systems but also with the much lesser known star ... full details
£489.99 £318.49
About the Level 3 Equine Business Management Certificate Are you passionate about horses? Do you want to turn this passion into a viable career? If so, this could be the distance learning course for you. The Level 3 Equine Business Management certificate has been designed to equip students with the practical skills and the theoretical knowledge they need to become successful... full details
£479.99 £311.99
It is important that today's farmer/owner of any animal is familiar with the normal vital signs of his animals so that they can recognise health and ill health. The earlier a farmer/owner can treat sick animals the better, as the damage done by illness can be considerable. About Animal Health Course This Animal Health course will detail how to observe the vital signs, ... full details
£489.99 £318.49
About the Level 2 Equine Energy Therapy Certificate Horses who have been subject to bad handling, injuries, abuse or neglect are often at risk of health or behaviour problems. These problems can be caused by disturbed or displaced energy. This is why energy healing can be great for a horse’s health. If you have a passion for horses and an interest in alternative therapies,... full details
£429.99 £279.49
About the Level 2 Aquarium and Fishkeeping Certificate If you don’t know your freshwater fish from your tropical ones, then maybe this Level 2 course in aquariums and fishkeeping is for you. Keeping fish can be a relaxing hobby and can have many other benefits. However, if you are interested in keeping or working with fish, then you will have to make sure you know all ... full details
£549.99 £357.49
The Advanced Pet Grooming course will teach you grooming techniques for dogs, cats and small pets. You will find that learning about grooming pet can be a very enjoyable and rewarding. The Advanced Pet Grooming course provides an excellent basis on which to learn about the finer, advanced aspects of the subject. It explains the different grooming styles suitable for more ... full details
£559.99 £363.99
Our Stable Management course covers all aspects of stable management and will provide the student with a thorough preparation for working in the equine industry. Our Stable Management course has been specifically designed to provide the student with the vital information needed to operate a stable efficiently. About Stable Management The stable management course ... full details
£549.99 £357.49
About the Level 4 Dog Grooming Professional Advanced Certificate This course has been designed to build on a student’s grooming abilities. The qualification focuses on the specialised aspects of grooming, helping individuals to develop their skills and their businesses. Unlike other dog grooming qualifications, this particular course also educates students about ... full details
£559.99 £363.99
About the Level 4 Advanced Animal Psychology Certificate Contrary to popular belief, it is not only humans who require psychological care. Just like us, animals feel anxiety, fear, aggression and a whole range of other emotions. This means that animals, much like humans, may struggle to handle or deal with their feelings. This advanced distance learning course teaches ... full details
£489.99 £318.49
About the Level 3 Animal Communication Certificate You may not be able to talk to animals like Dr. Dolittle, but at Stonebridge College, we believe that there are other ways we can effectively communicate with our furry friends. This course offers students a mind-opening experience. Through self-reflection and study, they will quickly learn to understand and interpret ... full details
£509.99 £331.49
Our Animal Care Course is designed to assist the student in understanding the basic needs of animals; from the information provided, to obtain a better understanding of animal profile and then be able to identify their needs. Students will then be able to comfortably understand animal breeds and at an early stage pass on any problems or information to vets or owners to ... full details
£599.99 £389.99
About the Level 3 Veterinary Support Assistant Certificate Veterinary support assistants play a vital role in the running of a veterinary surgery. They work alongside veterinary nurses and surgeons to ensure the health and wellbeing of their animal patients. As a veterinary care assistant, your role would include grooming and feeding the animals, preparing the theatre, ... full details
£589.99 £383.49
About the Level 3 Dog Grooming Professional Certificate You may not have realised it, but dog grooming can make for a rewarding and profitable career. In fact, the great news for animal lovers is that the dog grooming industry is booming in today’s society. With the help of Stonebridge College’s Level 3 qualification, you could be starting your own dog grooming ... full details
£569.99 £370.49
Looking after people's pets is a rewarding career with increasing career opportunities in the UK. This course offers you a rewarding way of learning everything required to enhance your pet care knowledge base for use in the dog walking, pet and home sitting business. About Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Pet owners want to know that while they’re away, their ... full details
£609.99 £396.49
About the Level 3 Animal Psychology Certificate Many people think of psychology as a human science. However, it is quickly becoming clear that animals are also in need of psychological care. Emotions such as fear, anxiety and aggression are felt just as much by our pets as they are by us. For this reason, it is important for pet owners and animal practitioners to be able to ... full details

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