Animal Welfare Qualifications Courses.

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A career in animal welfare can take on many forms, be that running a cattery or actively removing animals from abusive, neglectful environments.

The Level 3 Certificate for Pet Care in Retail is essential in the pet care sector. It is required by law for all pet shops to have a member of their staff hold this qualification.

  • Accreditation by Stonebridge Associated Colleges
  • 12 units

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to correctly identify physical issues in small animals and treat them accordingly through hydrotherapy.

This course teaches you how to assess an animal, identify potential problems and recommend treatments. As well as understanding how to produce a treatment plan, track progress and ensure the hydrotherapy is working.

This course qualifies you to carry out basic aquatic treadmill therapy for small animals. In addition to this, you will be eligible to study the advanced aquatic treadmill course. 

The course gives you the knowledge and skills you need to competently provide advanced aquatic treadmill therapy to your animal clients.

Perfect for entry-level dog grooming jobs, hobby groomers or those wishing to learn about grooming their own dogs or dogs in their care. 2 days of practical training included!

This animal licensing inspector level 3 award gives you the knowledge required to carry out the role safely and in accordance with animal welfare legislation.

Gain advanced knowledge ahead of opening your own dog grooming salon. Perfect for those looking to become a fully-fledged groomer.

This level 4 diploma in canine welfare, training and behaviour management explores in detail what you need to correctly and safely care for canines in various settings.

This canine behaviour practitioner level 5 diploma expands on your understanding of canine behaviour. Furthering your knowledge on how to identify the triggers of unwanted behaviour. 

This animal assisted intervention level 3 diploma covers the bond between animals and humans. Exploring how they can support individuals with rehabilitation, disease and disabilities.

The Ecology Diploma is a CPD course that introduces you to the key principles of ecology and conservation. You will study individual organisms all the way up to entire ecosystems and biomes.

The Wild Animal Behaviour Diploma will give you the skills to observe and understand behaviours exhibited by animals in their natural habitat. From studying mating rituals to analysing migration patterns and social structures.

The Marine Zoology Diploma will give you the opportunity to develop a solid foundation of knowledge about marine life. You will study the aspects of evolution and how animals have adapted to their environments from the tropical seas to freezing ocean waters. 

Ideal for those who may have a background in grooming or animal care and wish to expand to grooming.  

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