Canine and Feline Qualifications Courses.

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The Level 3 Diploma in Canine Massage is the ideal qualification choice if you’re interested in providing therapeutic massage to dogs.

The qualification will suit those who are planning to work within the sector and for those planning to set up their own canine massage business.


If you’d like to turn your fondness for cats into a career, a Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare Level 3 Diploma qualifies you to do so.

This level 3 diploma has been developed in collaboration with animal welfare and behavioural experts to provide you with the best possible start to your career

Kennels and catteries provide an invaluable service to pet owners who need their animals cared for during short periods of absence.

Whether they are going on holiday or into a hospital, an owner does not place the care of their pet into another’s hands lightly. It’s a huge show of trust.

In the UK, around 7,000 people rely on assistance dogs to help them live independently and provide emotional support.

These highly trained animals are more than a pet to their owners, they are how they can live the life they choose.

The level 3 Award for Pet Care in Retail is essential in the pet care sector. It is required by law for all pet shops to have a member of their staff hold this qualification.

In the Level 6 Diploma in Applied Canine Behaviour Management you will study everything from the language of dogs to their cognition and consciousness. It will equip you with advanced level knowledge to prepare you for a career in canine behaviour management.

This canine behaviour practitioner level 5 diploma expands on your understanding of canine behaviour. Furthering your knowledge on how to identify the triggers of unwanted behaviour. 

This level 3 award in canine care, behaviour and welfare teaches you how to properly care for canines in a professional care or boarding setting.

Perfect for entry-level dog grooming jobs, hobby groomers or those wishing to learn about grooming their own dogs or dogs in their care. 2 days of practical training included with a weekend option available!

This Ofqual approved course bundle teaches you all you need for a career in canine behaviour management. Throughout the various diplomas, you’ll cover topics like canine care, nutrition, physiology, play, behaviour, training, stress & anxiety, aggression and health.

Learn everything you need to launch a career in canine behaviour management with this Ofqual recognised course bundle. Over 3 diplomas you will cover topics like canine anatomy, nutrition, physiology, play, behaviour, training, stress & anxiety, aggression and health.

Gain advanced knowledge ahead of opening your own dog grooming salon. Perfect for those looking to become a fully-fledged groomer.

Ideal for those who may have a background in grooming or animal care and wish to expand to grooming.  

A level 2 award in canine care and welfare teaches you the importance of appropriate care for canines in kennels or day care settings. By studying what dogs need to thrive, you’ll realise the direct correlation care standards have on their mental and physical health.

This level 3 award in feline care, behaviour and welfare teaches you how to work safely with felines in a professional setting such as a cattery.

This level 4 diploma in canine welfare, training and behaviour management explores in detail what you need to correctly and safely care for canines in various settings.

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