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Talking therapies help hundreds of thousands of people every year work through mental health challenges ranging from depression to mental breakdowns.

They provide an essential service to those who rely on them, helping them to make important changes, reassess their relationships or even rebuild their lives from the ground up.

We offer a wide variety of online CBT, psychotherapy and counselling courses to give you the understanding and insight you need to train in these vital mental health services.

We also provide online courses that can help you if you’re experiencing difficulties with a family member, want to think more positively in your own life or raise awareness of mental health in your workplace.

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  • Accreditation by Complementary Medical Association
  • 6 units

This course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the most common forms of mental health issues. Each module will focus on a particular issue, its causes and what can be done to manage it. 

  • Accreditation by Complementary Medical Association
  • 10 units

This course combo will help you to explore the attitudes and perceptions of mental health, mental wellbeing and counselling methods and the key theories to support individuals with mental health issues.

  • Accreditation by Complementary Medical Association
  • 10 units

This level 1 aware in mental health awareness will provide you with an introduction to the definition of mental health and mental ill-health, including common mental health issues and their causes.

You will learn how to support those with mental health issues effectively using a person-centred approach to ensure you are helping them to meet their needs.

By studying a level 2 certificate in the principles of the mental health care worker, you will gain essential skills and knowledge to help those you support to achieve a career in mental health care work.

This online course will give you the understanding you need to understand the need for capacity assessments and how to legally act on behalf of someone who is deemed not to have capacity.

This Counselling Children and Adolescents course is the ideal home study solution for someone looking to learn about the role and responsibilities of a trained professional in paediatric therapy.

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