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It is more important than ever to look after the world we live in, and if you adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle, then you may want to channel this passion into a rewarding career. You can learn everything there is to know about conservation so that you can help protect essential wildlife and future generations.

For individuals interested in carving out a career in ecology, or has a passion for animals and plant life, we have recognised online courses that will prepare you for future learning and potential career paths.

By learning environmental legislation and policy, you will have a well-rounded knowledge to make a significant impact later down the line in your career. Explore our courses below to find the right fit for you!

Explore ecology, the environment and conservation and learn skills to work in agriculture, forestry management and engineering.

The Ecology Diploma is a CPD course that introduces you to the key principles of ecology and conservation. You will study individual organisms all the way up to entire ecosystems and biomes.

The Marine Zoology Diploma will give you the opportunity to develop a solid foundation of knowledge about marine life. You will study the aspects of evolution and how animals have adapted to their environments from the tropical seas to freezing ocean waters. 

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