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Conservation and Environment

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Conservation and Environment Courses

Conservation and Environment Courses

Interested in conservation, environmental issues and ecology? There are lots of varied career opportunities available and it's also a very fascinating area to both work in and to learn about. A lot of our courses are science-based so would suit anyone with a scientific interest. You can study the relationship between plants and animals, to local and global environmental issues.

We offer a wide range of courses which will no doubt broaden your knowledge of the environment and environmental science. For example, our conservation course is very insightful and will help you gain a perspective of the problems of the environment and how the use of the earth's resources can support and sustain the generations yet to come in many different ways.

Also, our ecology courses can help you gain an understanding of the relationship between plants and animals and their physical and biological environment. They’ll also help you understand how they contribute to environmental issues.

We cover a range of different areas including the management of waste, an overview of the development of the statutory environmental law in the UK and developing an environmental management programme. There are also lots of great career prospects.

You can learn about:

  • How all parts of the environment work together
  • The greenhouse effect, the ozone layer, poisons and waste materials
  • Animals, parasites and endangered species
£269.99 £202.49
Making Environmental Improvements is a course designed to help you formulate a plan to fulfil your organisation's environmental policy. It is one thing to create an environmental policy, but something altogether different to see it come to fruition. This course will guide you through the process of planning and monitoring activities to achieve the objectives and ... full details
£269.99 £202.49
The Environmental Aspects and Impacts course is intended to help you guide your organisation towards a strategy that will improve its overall environmental performance and comply with recent environmental legislation. This course takes you through the first steps in introducing an environmental management system into your organisation. In order to accomplish this, you ... full details
£269.99 £202.49
The first session introduces you to the different types of environmental audit, what they aim to achieve, and how they differ from similar activities such as reviews and inspections. It goes on to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of auditing in more detail. Session Two explores the preparation work that must be carried out by you as a manager responsible for ... full details
£269.99 £202.49
As the public and scientific outcry over environmental pollution has intensified over the years, politicians have responded by creating more legislation designed to protect the environment. This legislation has been aimed largely at business and industry. This course on Environmental Legislation and Policy presents an overview of the most relevant environmental ... full details
£379.99 £284.99
Man is creating an urban environment where so many goods are being concentrated that consumer desire, comparable to predatory instinct, is being over stimulated. From the moment a child can hear a radio or watch a television, this instinct is being stimulated and exploited by loud, noisy radio and television advertisements and garish neon signs and posters. These adverts do ... full details
£319.99 £239.99
Many economic structures depend on natural resources. Industries like forestry, fishing, agriculture and tourism rely on the health function of the natural environment, and hardly a productive industry does not rely on natural resources. The industries will suffer if this resource base is damaged in any way. Learning about the environment, what we can do and what it can ... full details
£359.99 £269.99
Ecology is the study of the relationship between plants and animals and their physical and biological environment. The field of ecology is a distinct scientific discipline, it does contribute to the study and understanding of environmental problems. Ecology Course Our Ecology course will provide a detailed explanation on many aspects of the eco balance in an easy to ... full details
£239.99 £179.99
Building biology, bio-house design, biological architecture and ecological building all refer to the construction of a building along lines of more natural, renewable resources and health of the occupants. In other words buildings become more people-friendly. It aims to establish a balance between technology, culture and biology. About Eco Building Design Ensuring a ... full details
£319.99 £239.99
Man is a product of nature, and like all the other creatures he has to abide by nature's rules. However, so dramatic have been the technological advances and discoveries of the last few centuries, that man's relationship with the natural world has undergone profound, and in many cases, dangerous changes About Environmental Waste Management Course How we manage... full details

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