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Conservation and Environment

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Conservation and Environment Courses

Conservation and Environment Courses

Interested in conservation, environmental issues and ecology? There are lots of varied career opportunities available and it's also a very fascinating area to both work in and to learn about. A lot of our courses are science-based so would suit anyone with a scientific interest. You can study the relationship between plants and animals, to local and global environmental issues.

We offer a wide range of courses which will no doubt broaden your knowledge of the environment and environmental science. For example, our conservation course is very insightful and will help you gain a perspective of the problems of the environment and how the use of the earth's resources can support and sustain the generations yet to come in many different ways.

Also, our ecology courses can help you gain an understanding of the relationship between plants and animals and their physical and biological environment. They’ll also help you understand how they contribute to environmental issues.

We cover a range of different areas including the management of waste, an overview of the development of the statutory environmental law in the UK and developing an environmental management programme. There are also lots of great career prospects.

You can learn about:

  • How all parts of the environment work together
  • The greenhouse effect, the ozone layer, poisons and waste materials
  • Animals, parasites and endangered species
£399.99 £259.99
About the Level 4 Environmental Improvements Certificate Nowadays, it is more important than ever that we all consider our effect upon the environment. Especially those of us in charge of businesses and organisations. If you want to lessen the environmental impact of your organisation, this could be the course for you. The Level 4 Environmental Improvements Certificate ... full details
£399.99 £259.99
The Environmental Aspects and Impacts course is intended to help you guide your organisation towards a strategy that will improve its overall environmental performance and comply with recent environmental legislation. This course takes you through the first steps in introducing an environmental management system into your organisation. In order to accomplish this, you ... full details
£399.99 £259.99
The first session introduces you to the different types of environmental audit, what they aim to achieve, and how they differ from similar activities such as reviews and inspections. It goes on to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of auditing in more detail. Session Two explores the preparation work that must be carried out by you as a manager responsible for ... full details
£399.99 £259.99
About the Level 4 Environmental Legislation and Policy Certificate In the United Kingdom, there are specific policies which exist to protect and maintain the environment. In fact, effective sewage management, high air quality and clean water are all dependant on rigorously enforced legislation. However, it is not just the government and large scale companies who need to be ... full details
£509.99 £331.49
About the Level 3 Conservation Certificate As the earth's population increases, the human race is using more and more materials. This is why conservation is more important than ever. In order to protect the planet and limit the damage we are causing to the environment, we must learn to preserve our resources. The Level 3 Conservation certificate aims to equip students with ... full details
£449.99 £292.49
About the Level 3 Environmental Management Certificate Environmental management is the relationship with nature and it is vital to sustainability. Over the time, this relationship has been put under significant strain. As our future existence depends greatly on this connexion we need to become better at managing it. This online course opens with an introduction to ecology ... full details
£489.99 £318.49
About the Ecology Diploma The course is designed to offer an in-depth look at how plants and animals react with their environment. Ecology is a type of biology thatenables us to understand patterns in nature and environmental problems. This qualification explores the balance of ecosystems, helping you to identify how different living creatures work together. Modules ... full details
£369.99 £240.49
About the Level 3 Eco Building Design Certificate When designing a house, or a new building, it is very important to think about the environmental impact of the structure. For the untrained hand, this can be a little daunting as there are so many things to consider. This course has been specifically designed to help builders, architects and anyone interested in building, ... full details
£449.99 £292.49
About the Level 4 Environmental Waste Management Certificate Environmental waste management officers are responsible for managing, collecting and disposing of waste in the work place. Whilst some professionals are responsible for waste treatment and waste management, others take care of duties such as recycling and street cleaning operations. Qualified waste managers must ... full details

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