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Hobbies, Trades, DIY, Home and Leisure

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Hobbies, Trades, DIY, Home and Leisure Courses

Hobbies, Trades, DIY, Home and Leisure Courses

Get creative with our range of hobby and leisure courses that will allow you to create DIY hand-crafted pieces and homewares, regardless of experience. If you're aspiring to a career in interior design, then our courses will be the perfect way to qualify for a variety of interior design jobs as well as set up your own business. This course will even benefit those who wish to improve their own home. Speaking of home improvement, we also offer carpentry courses and electrician courses, where you'll gain a better understanding in the many aspects of electricity.

For those with a passion for fashion, we offer a range of dressmaking and fashion design courses. Whether you want to start your own business and establish yourself as a designer, work in an alterations and tailoring shop, or just make gorgeous items of clothing for your loved ones, our course will provide you with a strong enough skillset to help you improve your fashion designing.

There are a wide range of activities that include carpentry, interior design, calligraphy writing, floristry/flower arranging and dressmaking courses. These distance learning courses allow you to start from the beginning and progress to proficiency.

You can learn about:

  • Gaining an awareness of both fashion items and the industry
  • Creating various floristry designs for events, celebrations or for fun
  • Developing a business plan for establishing a innovative design business
£179.99 £116.99
To many, winning anything worthwhile in a competition is simply a pipe dream that would never come true. They see the possibility of doing a little and getting a lot in return as simply unrealistic. The fact of the matter is quite the opposite, first of all, entering competitions with the intention of doing well is hard work and a fair bit of organisation and business ... full details
£509.99 £331.49
Floristry is an exciting and challenging business, and whether it’s a simple bouquet or a complete wedding package, you will be behind one of the most significant moments in people’s lives. It’s an honour that only a few professions share. Wedding floristry is an unusual and very rewarding professions insofar as it combines a diverse variety of skills ... full details
£429.99 £279.49
About the Level 3 Home Security Planning Certificate Planning the security of a house is something that you whether you are an individual looking for a DIY project, working in security, or looking to setup your own business. The home security planning course has been specifically designed to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of domestic security systems and ... full details
£429.99 £279.49
About the Level 3 Carpentry and Joinery Certificate Carpentry and joinery is one of the oldest trades in the world. No matter what happens, people will always need to use tables, chairs and other items of furniture. The ability to create useful, everyday items from scratch is an invaluable life skill. What’s more is that there will always be a demand for this kind of work.... full details
£479.99 £311.99
About the Level 3 Calligraphy Certificate Calligraphy is an age old art form which promises to turn average writing into a masterpiece. This Level 3 distance learning course has been designed to help you hone your skills and begin to create beautiful lettering. Spread across a number of engaging modules this course is packed with useful hints and tips which promise to have ... full details
£439.99 £285.99
About the Level 2 Cleaning Certificate We are all responsible for cleaning at home, however cleaning at a professional level takes a lot more expertise. If you want a job in the cleaning industry, you will have to prove to your employer that you have the correct skills to tackle the role. For example, you will have to have a comprehensive knowledge of how health and safety ... full details
£399.99 £259.99
The main concern in this course is in the electrical forces which, when applied to an electric circuit, cause a flow of current. In addition we shall study what these electric currents do, how they flow and what effects they produce.  The more common electrical apparatus will be discussed, and in doing so, the chemical, heating and magnetic effects of current will ... full details
£489.99 £318.49
About the Level 3 Meteorology Certificate Meteorology is defined as the science of the atmosphere. Meteorologists study atmospheric phenomena and the effect that the atmosphere has on our weather. By using a number of tools – such as thermometers, barometers and anemometers – meteorologists are able to collect information about the weather and use these to predict the ... full details
£589.99 £383.49
About the Level 3 Floristry Certificate The art of floristry is more skilled than you may imagine. As a profession, it involves much more than going out and picking flowers. A trained florist is expected to know everything from design and styling to general flower and plant care. By studying this Level 3 distance learning course, you will develop the skills you need to ... full details
£489.99 £318.49
About the Level 3 Interior Design Certificate If you have a creative flair and a passion for paint samples, a career in interior design could be perfect for you. As a practicing interior design specialist, you would be responsible for designing, decorating and furnishing indoor spaces in people’s homes, work spaces or even public venues. If this sounds like your cup of ... full details
£519.99 £337.99
About the Level 3 Dress Making and Fashion Design Certificate There’s no denying that our lives revolve around fashion. Increasingly, who we are is determined by what we wear. However, if you have ever found that the shops don't stock the clothes you would want to buy; this could be the distance learning course for you. A course in fashion design at Stonebridge College ... full details

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