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Hobbies, Trades, DIY, Home and Leisure

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Hobbies, Trades, DIY, Home and Leisure Courses

Hobbies, Trades, DIY, Home and Leisure Courses

Get creative with our range of hobby and leisure courses that will allow you to create DIY hand-crafted pieces and homewares, regardless of experience. If you're aspiring to a career in interior design, then our courses will be the perfect way to qualify for a variety of interior design jobs as well as set up your own business. This course will even benefit those who wish to improve their own home. Speaking of home improvement, we also offer carpentry courses and electrician courses, where you'll gain a better understanding in the many aspects of electricity.

For those with a passion for fashion, we offer a range of dressmaking and fashion design courses. Whether you want to start your own business and establish yourself as a designer, work in an alterations and tailoring shop, or just make gorgeous items of clothing for your loved ones, our course will provide you with a strong enough skillset to help you improve your fashion designing.

There are a wide range of activities that include carpentry, interior design, calligraphy writing, floristry/flower arranging and dressmaking courses. These distance learning courses allow you to start from the beginning and progress to proficiency.

You can learn about:

  • Gaining an awareness of both fashion items and the industry
  • Creating various floristry designs for events, celebrations or for fun
  • Developing a business plan for establishing a innovative design business
£179.99 £134.99
To many, winning anything worthwhile in a competition is simply a pipe dream that would never come true. They see the possibility of doing a little and getting a lot in return as simply unrealistic. The fact of the matter is quite the opposite, first of all, entering competitions with the intention of doing well is hard work and a fair bit of organisation and business ... full details
£379.99 £284.99
Floristry is an exciting and challenging business, and whether it’s a simple bouquet or a complete wedding package, you will be behind one of the most significant moments in people’s lives. It’s an honour that only a few professions share. Wedding floristry is an unusual and very rewarding professions insofar as it combines a diverse variety of skills ... full details
£299.99 £224.99
Figures show that eight out of ten burglaries take place when the home is empty and seven out of ten of burglaries involve forced entry. This is often because the owners have failed to take adequate security measures. Today, more than at any other time it is critical that everyone is aware of the need for security within the home environment. This course provides you ... full details
£299.99 £224.99
When a person becomes interested in carpentry  he joins millions of crafts people who enjoy the practical and therapeutic benefits of creating useful projects from natural materials. The very nature of creating a useful article from raw wood provides a feeling of useful activity. About Carpentry & Joinery Wood is only a board when it is in its raw state. ... full details
£349.99 £262.49
This calligraphy course offers you an opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of the beautiful art of calligraphy writing. In calligraphy elegant penmanship with decoration and design is of primary importance. About Calligraphy The calligraphy course is written so that even the most inexperienced person can understand it easily. It enables anyone to start from the ... full details
£309.99 £232.49
The Cleaning Level 2 course is a must for anyone looking to work within the cleaning industry. The course aims to teach learners about the importance of health and safety standards and the requirement for work to be carried out in a clean and healthy environment. This course is applicable for anyone who is either working in or is seeking employment as a: Street Cleaner, ... full details
£269.99 £202.49
The main concern in this course is in the electrical forces which, when applied to an electric circuit, cause a flow of current. In addition we shall study what these electric currents do, how they flow and what effects they produce.  The more common electrical apparatus will be discussed, and in doing so, the chemical, heating and magnetic effects of current will ... full details
£359.99 £269.99
Having exact measurements of the atmosphere is very important in meteorology. This has been helped by the invention of suitable instruments for observation and by the organisation of a network of observing stations to gather weather data. The art of weather forecasting has challenged many minds and much of the worldly wisdom displayed has been identified with weather ... full details
£459.99 £344.99
This course can help you to gain an understanding and allow you to progress and develop the skills you need to design, source and create varying floristry designs for events, celebrations, or just for fun. It will also be a useful start should you want to progress and work as a florist. You'll learn things like plant care, flower arranging and how to create floral ... full details
£359.99 £269.99
Are you thinking about starting a career as an Interior Designer? Have you considered setting up your own business and making an income as an Interior Designer? Or maybe you have always wanted to study Interior Design to improve your own home? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then this is the course for you. About Interior Design As an Interior Designer ... full details
£389.99 £292.49
Whether your ultimate aim is to make a career of fashion design, to run your own business as a designer/ dress maker, or maybe just to be competent at making your own or your children's clothes, by choosing this course you're well on your way to fulfilling your dream in dress making and fashion design. About Our Dress Making and Fashion Design Course This dressmaking course... full details

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