Personal and Parenting Courses.

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Personal and Parenting Courses

We have a range of courses which cover variety areas that are essential to day-to-day life. These include the first years of parenting through infancy and toddlers and preparing a child for school, property investment, family healthcare, stock trading online, starting your own business and even overcoming difficult financial situations and debt management.

Our courses are highly beneficial for everyday life, including our personal money management and money management courses, which were designed to help you with managing personal finance. These home study courses will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to help you effectively manage your money in not only your personal life, but in your professional life. You'll learn to manage your money successfully in business. The money management course is particularly useful for those who are thinking of starting a business.

Speaking of starting your own business, we have a course specialising in just that. You'll learn all the essentials, such as simple bookkeeping and how to comply with tax legislation.

We also offer fascinating parenting courses, where you'll regularly take parenting classes and improve your knowledge of child behaviour, family relationships, rights and responsibilities of parents and health and safety of children.

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