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Personal and Parenting

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Personal and Parenting Courses

Personal and Parenting Courses

We have a range of courses which cover variety areas that are essential to day-to-day life. These include the first years of parenting through infancy and toddlers and preparing a child for school, property investment, family healthcare, stock trading online, starting your own business and even overcoming difficult financial situations and debt management.

Our courses are highly beneficial for everyday life, including our personal money management and money management courses, which were designed to help you with managing personal finance. These home study courses will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to help you effectively manage your money in not only your personal life, but in your professional life. You'll learn to manage your money successfully in business. The money management course is particularly useful for those who are thinking of starting a business.

Speaking of starting your own business, we have a course specialising in just that. You'll learn all the essentials, such as simple bookkeeping and how to comply with tax legislation.

We also offer fascinating parenting courses, where you'll regularly take parenting classes and improve your knowledge of child behaviour, family relationships, rights and responsibilities of parents and health and safety of children.

You can learn about:

  • Acquiring skills and knowledge to ensure that you manage your money efficiently
  • How to 'read' and use body language more effectively
  • The matters relating to family and health issues
£459.99 NOW £298.99 - November SALE discount applied
The Level 1 Certificate in Personal Money Management is an ideal qualification to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills to manage personal finance beneficially and to anticipate future needs and wants. It will reduce financial exclusion and allow candidates to use knowledge gained in their own personal financial circumstances. It will help candidates to ... full details
£159.99 NOW £103.99 - November SALE discount applied
About the Level 2 Debt Buster Certificate Debt management falls under the umbrella of credit counselling. It is a financial practice designed to help with debt settlement through education, budgeting and various tools with the ultimate goal to gain financial independence. This debt buster course will tackle issues associated with debt, such as stress, the context of debt ... full details
£329.99 NOW £214.49 - November SALE discount applied
Money governs what can be done in any situation. More careful management of money should always provide better value for that which is spent, but even more than that, an awareness of monies available will enable you to make informed decisions on what can be afforded at any one time. Acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to ensure you manage your money efficiently is ... full details
£329.99 NOW £214.49 - November SALE discount applied
Mystery Shopping is one of the best-kept, yet entirely open, secrets of our generation.  Whenever you go to a shop, hotel, restaurant, petrol station, bank, council building or any other outlet where there are staff who serve you, chances are that someone in the queue you are joining is a mystery shopper. They may look like any other customer but the fundamental ... full details
£399.99 NOW £259.99 - November SALE discount applied
This programme can be used by parents, parents to be, or, anyone that takes on a parenting role. It will help them to develop their understanding of child behaviour and increase their knowledge of the role of parents in today’s society. The course will be ideal for those who want to gain a better understanding of child behaviour, parents’ rights and ... full details
£399.99 NOW £259.99 - November SALE discount applied
The care and well-being of members of a family is always up-most in the minds of parents about their children and children about their parents. The need to be able to understand and implement a care policy for the family or individual is critical. This course helps you to understand better the matters relating to the family and it's health issues. full details
£329.99 NOW £214.49 - November SALE discount applied
About the Level 2 Effective Parenting Skills Certificate Although some parental instincts surface naturally, the role of a parent is still constantly surprising and challenging. When it comes to raising children, knowledge, information and preparation are key. This online distance learning course has been designed specifically to help expectant or current mothers and fathers... full details
£179.99 NOW £116.99 - November SALE discount applied
People are increasingly becoming interested in property and establishing businesses under the umbrella title ‘House Doctor’. In essence a house doctor provides a service that helps home owners achieve their goals. It could be as simple as a verbal list of suggestions of things that might help, or as in depth as a full house makeover. Generally speaking it ... full details
£369.99 NOW £240.49 - November SALE discount applied
This course explores the first years of parenting through infancy and toddlers to preparing a child for school. full details
£329.99 NOW £214.49 - November SALE discount applied
About the Level 2 Effective Public Speaking Certificate The ability to speak publicly is a skill a lot of employers look for. It is also a useful talent to have in day to day life. Effective public speakers are able to influence groups of people and impose positive changes on society, as well as being able to swing things in their preferred direction. This short course aims ... full details
£369.99 NOW £240.49 - November SALE discount applied
About the Level 3 Health & Wellbeing Certificate From workplace down to day to day life, promoting health and wellbeing is about promoting a quality lifestyle, building up confidence and talking a holistic approach to life. With a busier and more stressful lifestyle, the UK economy lost 12.5 million work days over 2016 – 2017 due to work-related stress, anxiety and ... full details
£179.99 NOW £116.99 - November SALE discount applied
Body language comprises almost 80% of human communication. It is of great importance in all business and social situations. When conflict is apparent between the spoken word and the messages the body sends out, the body language is the stronger and people tend to believe the message they see rather than the one they hear. This course teaches the student how to ... full details
£329.99 NOW £214.49 - November SALE discount applied
This course is designed to teach you the basics of what you need to do regarding your book-keeping and to the outline requirements of how to comply with tax legislation. You will be guided on how to keep the necessary records in order to complete your annual tax return. Information will also be given on how to assess the profitability of the business at any time. In ... full details
£449.99 NOW £292.49 - November SALE discount applied
Learn how to trade stocks online! Do you want to trade stocks online but don’t know where to start? Look no further; our ABC’s of Stock Trading Course is the most comprehensive beginner’s guide for anyone new to stock trading. Students will learn about stocks, the stock market, choosing a broker, opening an account, how to place trades and most importantly... full details
£489.99 NOW £318.49 - November SALE discount applied
About the Level 4 Diabetes Certificate Diabetes is a lifelong condition which affects a person’s ability to produce insulin and control their own blood sugar. While some people are born with the condition, others develop it in later life. In either case, awareness of the condition and its causes can help people to control the disease, or even prevent it from occurring in ... full details
£329.99 NOW £214.49 - November SALE discount applied
In almost every developed nation across the world, property is making the news headlines on an increasingly frequent basis. Alongside all of this we hear about the ‘property millionaires’ – people on average incomes who ‘struck it lucky’ and happened to buy a house in the right place just before the price rose miraculously, enabling them to cash ... full details

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