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Psychic Development

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Psychic Development Courses

Psychic Development Courses

Not the typical career choice, but nevertheless a hugely fascinating and intriguing one. It's also a career path which carries a whole load of misunderstanding and erroneous beliefs where people often believe that clairvoyance is associated with some form of black magic and mysticism.

Regardless of which course is most appealing to you, there's no doubt that you'll learn something totally new, whether that's Tasseography and Lithomancy (the prediction from crystals and precious stones), numerology and palmistry. Our course in palmistry will give you an in-depth knowledge and understanding of palm reading and hand printing, how to formulate predictions and explore the history and origins of palm reading.

We also have a fascinating and stimulating course in dream analysis, which explores dream interpretation and helps you to establish dream meanings and explanations. It also provides you with the essential skills in becoming a psychic counsellor or even a dream analyzer.

Our unique spirituality course will help you to raise your awareness of spiritual development and spiritual healing and is the perfect entrance into pursuing a possible career in spiritual coaching and counselling.

There’s also a chance to gain a broader knowledge and become an all-rounder in order to possibly establish a career as a psychic counsellor.

You can learn about:

  • How an individual is encouraged to find a dimension beyond 'self'
  • Formulating predictions and becoming a professional counsellor
  • Clairvoyancy and an introduction to the various Mantric Tools
£369.99 NOW £240.49 - October SALE discount applied
Imagination plays a vital part in the interpretation of the tea leaves in the shapes and symbols into which they fall.   This diploma course combines the Divination techniques of two popular methods of divination, Tasseography and Lithomancy (prediction from crystals and precious stones), both of which offer the opportunity to enter full time practice, as ... full details
£329.99 NOW £214.49 - October SALE discount applied
Participating in this course will give the student an awareness and understanding of how, within the concept of this theory, the individual is encouraged to find a dimension beyond 'self'. A person suffering from neurosis or addictive disorders or whose behavior is seen to be problematic has lost himself to the demands of something which is beyond his control. It... full details
£369.99 NOW £240.49 - October SALE discount applied
It stands to reason that the Runes reveal secrets and should not be taken lightly. Norse mythology informs us that the god, Odin discovered Runes whilst attempting to discover the secrets of life and death. The secrets of Runes are now passed to mankind for his benefit. This course explains how you can become a Rune Master and how you can become accomplished in this ... full details
£329.99 NOW £214.49 - October SALE discount applied
The ancients placed great importance in names and numerologists believe that names are not arrived at by chance. This magical science is based on the fact that the name of a person, place, or thing contains the very essence of its being. Numerology was devised by the Egyptians to prevent their enemies from being able to pronounce the names of the Gods. Not only that, ... full details
£369.99 NOW £240.49 - October SALE discount applied
We can learn to know the man through the hand, just as we understand the universe through the man. Palmistry is believed to have originated in the earliest Aryan civilisation. There is no doubt it is an extremely ancient art, known over 5000 years ago in China, Egypt and Ancient Greece. Aristotle spoke of it, calling the hand "the organ of organs". Palmistry... full details
£369.99 NOW £240.49 - October SALE discount applied
There is today still a big misunderstanding that clairvoyancy involves some sort of mysticism and magic. However, in this course the student will be taught that clairvoyants use their own intuition, which is something that we all possess. Unfortunately only a few know how to use it wisely! This course which is ideally suited for those not only seeking greater ... full details
£369.99 NOW £240.49 - October SALE discount applied
Psyche is feeling not seeing and the more relaxed you are the greater your psychic ability will be. This course shows you how to develop your intuitive abilities, how to recognise your own psychic abilities and how to responsibly counsel other using 'Psychic Signals'. During this course, which includes exercise in psychic development, the student is taken ... full details
£369.99 NOW £240.49 - October SALE discount applied
My reading is like a giant jig-saw puzzle, I have some pieces, you have some pieces and together we should get a clear and precise picture of what is happening and will happen in the future. The latter based it on the belief that the word Tarot was devised from Ta-Rosh, the Egyptian meaning "Royal Way". This course explains the difference between Tarot Cards ... full details
£369.99 NOW £240.49 - October SALE discount applied
About the Level 3 Dream Analysis Certificate Dreams were once considered as a means of communications with the gods, however, in modern times, we understand them to be a product of our unconscious mind. This means that what we dream can be a reflection of our innermost, and sometimes misunderstood feelings. This is why it is important, in some cases, to analyse dreams and ... full details
£439.99 NOW £285.99 - October SALE discount applied
About the Level 2 Parapsychology Certificate If you have a passion for the paranormal, this parapsychology course could help you expand your knowledge of alternate realms. Discover the weird and wonderful as you work your way through the eight fascinating modules. Whether you are interested in psychic readings or alien abductions the Stonebridge College paranormal ... full details
£369.99 NOW £240.49 - October SALE discount applied
"A true Tarot Master needs to have intimate knowledge of the source of tarot, its magic and its mysticism." From ancient wisdoms have sprung powerful psychological ways of teaching, even today there is no religion that does not have some sort of route upon which the seeker must walk to discover "spiritual truth". In the ancient temples a method of ... full details

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