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Health and wellbeing is intrinsically linked to physical fitness. If the body suffers, the mind is sure to follow. Regular exercise and high levels of fitness can reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

The right kind and right amount of exercise can have immediate and lasting health benefits. Training in sports and fitness will give you the opportunity to help people who struggle with this aspect of their life. Or who may be recovering from injury or illness.

Sports and fitness requires an expert level of knowledge to provide appropriate and safe regimens for your clients so they can build their fitness and improve their health.

  • Accreditation by Innovate Awarding Organisation
  • As a personal trainer, you can guide clients and show them the exercises that are appropriate for their age and ability.

  • Accreditation by Stonebridge Associated Colleges
  • 14 units
  • Accreditation by Stonebridge Associated Colleges
  • 8 units
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