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There are plenty of career opportunities in the realm of social sciences and humanities, but if you are only beginning your trajectory, then you need to start by learning the foundations.


If you are hoping to embark on a role within the medical and healthcare sector, you will need to get relevant qualifications behind you. The industry contains a vast array of job roles, all of which serve an important purpose. 


Make a difference and become the voice for the most vulnerable in our society

Psychology and sociology allow you to better understand not only the society in which you are a part of but also what motivates individuals to take the action they do, whether that’s to help or hinder the wider society.

The concept of human behaviour and the different ways people function in society is truly fascinating. Where some are upstanding citizens and live life in line with the law, others commit deviant or criminal acts and take advantage of the system, or others, to get what they want. 


Studying the relationship between health and society will allow you to understand the world and the way it functions. You will also grasp a knowledge of human behaviour and how mental and physical health affects societal structures.

Any business needs to be at the top of its game if it is going to thrive and survive in increasingly competitive markets. For this to happen, it needs a whole web of professionals behind the scenes overseeing each aspect to ensure the entire operation runs smoothly.


If you have a naturally caring nature and would love to turn this into a career, you can become a Nurse at any age.

The healthcare industry covers an array of different professions, ranging from Doctors and Nurses to Dentists and Midwives. While the roles are diverse in many ways, there are things that bind them, with the main one being a desire to care for others.

Sport can be incredibly exciting, full of energy and can ignite immense tension within fans, team members and sportspeople alike as they watch and witness how events unfold before them. For any sports enthusiast, this can be exhilarating, which is why so many people are captivated by, and actively follow sports of all kinds around the world. 


Learn about different subjects including history, politics and psychology.
Ideal for people wanting to understand the human condition

Perfect if you’d like to study an engineering degree at university!

Access to Higher Education Diploma (Computer Science)

A community is made up of diverse people of all ages, and some of those individuals require a bit more assistance to navigate through life. If you have a natural caring nature and would like to make a difference to the lives of many, a career in health and social care could be perfectly suited to your ambitions.


Radiography is an important practice that detects injuries and helps to diagnose illnesses and abnormalities within the human body. It is a form of imaging that trained professionals also use in therapeutic treatments.


The study of psychology is the exploration of the mind to decipher the different ways people think, feel and behave. It helps us see how the concept of reality can differ from person to person, and whether our characteristics are born into us or acquired through external factors and experiences. 


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