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A community is made up of diverse people of all ages, and some of those individuals require a bit more assistance to navigate through life. If you have a natural caring nature and would like to make a difference to the lives of many, a career in health and social care could be perfectly suited to your ambitions.


Studying the relationship between health and society will allow you to understand the world and the way it functions. You will also grasp a knowledge of human behaviour and how mental and physical health affects societal structures.

Find fulfilment with a new career caring for adults

TQUK Level 2 in Falls Prevention Awareness (RQF) is for anyone who could potentially work with those at risk of falling.

This course is especially useful those choosing a career in health and social care where working with vulnerable people is likely.

The TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Difficulties (RQF) is a nationally recognised qualification. Allowing you to support people with learning difficulties so they’re able to live as independently as possible.

Health and Social Care
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