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Psychology Courses

Psychology Courses

Psychology is the scientific study of human and animal behaviour with the object of understanding why living beings behave as they do. Its aim is to help society by understanding individuals and groups through establishing general principles and researching specific cases.

Whilst psychological knowledge is often applied to the evaluation and treatment of mental health problems, it is also involved in understanding and solving problems in many different spheres of human activity.

For example:

  • How behaviour changes with development

  • When behaviour is instinctive or learned

  • How and why people differ

  • How people get into difficulties

  • How to help people get out of difficulties

  • Improving ways to deal with adolescents

  • Improving methods of teaching and learning

  • Matching persons with jobs and choosing suitable careers

That is why, as well as offering general psychology courses at different levels of complexity, we also have many specialist courses dealing with psychology for different spheres of life.

Below you will find our psychology courses ordered by popularity, each has a brief description. You can also sort these courses alphabetically and by the latest ones added.

Be sure to click through to the actual psychology course page that is of interest you to get the full flavour of what is on offer.

£399.99 £259.99
The course work covered offers the student immediate access to the general theory and practical skills that lie at the heart of Education in Psychology. In focussing on both the emotional and intellectual development issues of childhood and later years, the course puts Education in Psychology into a clear perspective. Students, teachers, counsellors, personal trainers... full details
£329.99 £214.49
Students enrol for courses in psychology for a number of reasons, but few are motivated by a desire to know what psychologists do. They want to know what is relevant to their lives, to their futures and how to cope with problems they themselves face and those they must confront within society. Psychology touches almost every part of our lives and in its various forms ... full details
£459.99 £298.99
Just as Neuro-Linguistic Programming exemplifies excellence in performance, so the new science of NPI exemplifies excellence in health. Health is positive. It comes naturally as the direct result of how we think and feel. It is a state of being. To try to separate body and mind in health and illness is like trying to separate the salt from the seawater with a knife. Mind... full details
£459.99 £298.99
The object of this course is to provide an introduction to general psychology and to show its many facets regarding its application to the management of social groups and the interaction of these groups in industry and commerce. The course is not intended to make the student an expert in psychology, but its purpose is to provide an insight into the contribution which ... full details
£459.99 £298.99
The course is designed to provide you with an overview and introduction to understanding Psychology in the workplace.  It covers a wide range of workplace people and management issues, exploring each and enabling students to examine practical applications of psychology in the workplace. This is an ideal course for anyone wishing to improve their skills in ... full details
£329.99 £214.49
About the Level 2 Developmental Psychology Certificate The aim of developmental psychology is to understand and explain how humans grow and change throughout their lives. Professionals within this field examine developments and patterns in human actions, feelings and behaviour from childhood, right through to old age. This course has been designed as an introduction to the ... full details
£489.99 £318.49
This course covers fundamental aspects of developmental, learning and behavioural disorders in children and adolescents. First familiarising yourself with expected child and young person's development, you will then learn about abnormal developmental issues and behavioural theories, learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders and special needs surrounding speech,... full details
£429.99 £279.49
Psychology is the science of mind and behaviour. No matter who we are or what we do and insight into this field of study will assist you in a better understanding of life and a persons mindset. full details
£579.99 £376.99
Forensic psychology concerns the assessment and treatment of criminal behaviour, including criminal investigation and profiling. Forensic psychologists work with prisoners, offenders, and victims of crime, as well as other professionals in the judicial and penal systems. If you are interested in criminal behaviour and want to help offenders make positive changes, then ... full details
£429.99 £279.49
About the Level 3 Child Psychology Skills Certificate This course has been developed for individuals who wish to assist in the child development process. Regardless of whether they wish to utilise their knowledge at home or in the workplace, the Level 3 Child Psychology Skills course will provide learners with the knowledge they need to succeed. What’s more is that it ... full details
£489.99 £318.49
This course will examine whether it is possible to explain relationships, attraction and love.  Why do we find ourselves feeling indifferent towards many people that we meet, and yet have strong feelings of attraction or even repulsion towards others?  How close we are in terms of geographical distance to a potential partner, liking someone and being liked in ... full details
£329.99 £214.49
The educational system provides a wide range of opportunities for psychologists. Because the beginnings of serious emotional problems often appear in the early years, many elementary schools employ psychologists whose training combines courses in child development, education and clinical psychology to work with individual children to evaluate learning and emotional ... full details
£639.99 £415.99
About the Level 4 Psychology – Advanced Certificate One step up from the Level 3 certificate, this qualification promises to provide students with an even more in-depth insight into the workings of the human mind. Students will begin by studying the different approaches to psychology. They will then move on to learn about everything from obedience and social influence ... full details
£579.99 £376.99
About the Level 3 Psychology Certificate Psychology is the study of the human mind. Psychologists spend their careers figuring out how our minds work and explaining different aspects of human behaviour. If you have ever wondered what causes depression, anxiety or aggression, and wondered why some people are prone to these feelings whilst others aren’t, an online ... full details
£589.99 £383.49
Child psychology is the study of the mental, social and emotional development of children from birth through to adolescence. It examines changes in motor skills, cognitive development, language acquisition, and identity formation. This in-depth Child Psychology course will provide you with a fundamental knowledge of the development of children and will give you an integral ... full details

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