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Stress Management

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Stress Management Courses

Stress Management Courses

What is stress? Everyone experiences stress within their daily lives and it's not uncommon for things to get too much for people and find that they can't take anymore. So much so that it hinders their day-to-day life and even find themselves searching for effective stress relief products.

Our innovative stress management courses will help you learn the different techniques on how to cope with stress. The course will explore the causes of stress, whole stress phenomenon and its effects, anatomy of the stress response and the factors affecting individual stress responses. It's a useful course for those looking to work in stress counselling and start up their own Stress Consultancy.

There's also the opportunity to explore work related stress and dealing with stress at work with our stress counselling in the workplace course, where you'll be introduced to the Employee Assistance Programmes. The course is designed to equip you the skills and knowledge to implement a programme to help employees with coping with stress at work.

Our courses aim to cover all aspects, including physical problems related to stress, developing self-esteem, relaxation and stress reduction techniques and the short and long-term aspects of stress.

You can learn about:

  • Ways, means and strategies in which to help clients cope with the stressors in life
  • Value of nutrition, exercise and sleep in coping with stress
  • How stress in a woman can have an effect on her body
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Stress is modern man's constant enemy. It strikes when least expected, but with proper self-awareness and management techniques it can be controlled. In this course we deal with physical problems related to stress, how to achieve easy living, dealing with drugs, developing self-esteem, relaxation, diet and more. full details
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Stress impacts upon our lives each and everyday. What may be a stressful situation for one can be a motivational tool for another. It is our ability to perceive or value the stress and the ways in which we deal or cope with it that can make all the difference. This course is designed to enable therapists to find ways, means and strategies in which we can help our clients... full details
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"There are lots of sources of stress. The critical stress a woman experiences is the problem of denying what she knows is the truth. This includes denying her essential feminine qualities." If a woman denies her knowledge of what she is and what she knows, she puts herself under tremendous stress. This stress is the pressure of her knowledge knocking on her ... full details
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"High stress levels experienced from the boardroom to the shop floor frequently result in a decline in work performance, productivity and contribute to individual and family crises." Companies can only benefit from retaining the services of a trained counsellor who is competent in establishing Employee Assistance Programmes, experienced in formulating policies ... full details
£489.99 NOW £318.49 - October SALE discount applied
Stress can be defined as the experience of unpleasant over - or under-stimulation which actually or potentially leads to ill health. Stress is the result of a mismatch between the challenges you experience and your belief in your ability to cope. This course will assist you to help others analyse and cope with stress in their lives and to start your own Stress ... full details
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"Many of the happiest, most successful, well adjusted people are those who have learned to respond to high levels of stress in a positive and balanced way". Stress - related disorders have become increasingly common in Western Society. The wear and tear caused by chronic stress can contribute to physical and mental breakdown. Some disorders such as hypertension... full details
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The course is a professional qualification and enables the successful graduate to use the title of choice from: Stress Manager Stress Management Trainer Stress Management Coachman's Stress Management Consultant The Course has been deliberately designed in order to enable the graduate to adhere to the appropriate National Occupational Standards (NOS) for... full details

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