Course Centres
Course Centres
We offer a wide range of agricultural courses here at Stonebridge. If you’re green-fingered and have a deep interest in all things outdoorsy, then we offer some excellent courses which are both theoretical and practical within the fields of agriculture, horticulture and gardening. These will not only help you explore your interests and passions further, but will provide you with all of the necessary skills to further your career ambitions, in these areas We offer a unique course in... View Centre
Are you looking for the right qualification to help you succeed in the world of business, management or law? Then you’re in luck. Below you’ll find a selection of courses to equip you with the skills to stand out in any business setting. View Centre
Have you ever wanted to try something brand new but don't want to commit long-term? If the answer to this question's yes, then maybe you'd like to try one of our Byte Size Learning Skills courses. We offer these courses within a wide range of subjects, from Accounting for Companies, Bookkeeping, Product and Service Management and Customer Care. We offer a range of accounting and business courses where the main focus is company accounts and the main features of company accounts. There are... View Centre
From running a guesthouse to managing a hotel, the catering and hospitality industry is currently soaring with so many opportunities available for whatever suits your skill set and experience. New hotels, leisure complexes and guesthouses are constantly launching, which means there are an increasing amount of jobs available and huge scope for progression. You can choose to start up your own business or become employed full-time at a popular hotel chain. Our unique snack bar cafe and fast... View Centre
Our distance learning courses in creative writing and journalism will allow you to get those creative juices flowing and practice all those basic techniques needed in order to be successful. As highly-regarded as these areas are, they're also notoriously competitive. If you fancy yourself as the next J.K Rowling or E.L James, then you'll love our courses that'll teach you how to write a novel and help you generate ideas for creative writing. Our romantic fiction writing will be... View Centre
Would you like to make a difference to people’s lives and work towards a rewarding career as a counsellor? Then our accredited counselling and CBT courses can help. They will allow you to begin your journey to becoming a qualified counsellor online, from the comfort of your home. View Centre
Our education, teaching and coaching courses offer a wide range of opportunities. We offer lots of teacher assistant training courses at all levels, including primary education courses. We also offer students the chance to use the skills gained from these courses to perhaps undertake training to become a teacher. We also offer a unique Life Skills coaching course, where you can be a part of making a huge difference to a lot of lives out there, especially in a world of ever-increasing... View Centre
Complementary therapies are treatments used alongside mainstream medicines. There are many exciting opportunities for people with an interest in health and have the skills to get on well with a wide range of people. Some of our specific courses include acupuncture courses and crystal healing therapy, which provides you with the necessary knowledge to use these unique therapies to release and clear negative energies. There’s also the chance to study a course in feng shui, which helps... View Centre
Get creative with our range of hobby and leisure courses that will allow you to create DIY hand-crafted pieces and homewares, regardless of experience. If you're aspiring to a career in interior design, then our courses will be the perfect way to qualify for a variety of interior design jobs as well as set up your own business. This course will even benefit those who wish to improve their own home. Speaking of home improvement, we also offer carpentry courses and electrician courses, where... View Centre
Creating visually appealing pieces of work can be a rewarding past-time or occupation. Seeing your ideas come to life through a masterpiece, whether its photography, paintings, sculpting or illustrations is one of life’s pleasures. If you want to become highly skilled at being a photographer or photojournalist, then you’ll be given the chance to polish your skills to perfection by studying our wide range of photography courses and photojournalism courses. In a world which is... View Centre
Are you ready to kick-start your career in nutritional therapy? Do you want to know how to fuel your body for optimum health and wellbeing? You’ll find the course to help you reach your goals below. From professional nutritional therapy courses to awareness-boosting food allergy diplomas, we offer courses for nutrition beginners and experts alike. View Centre
What are online psychic courses? Online psychic courses are a great option if you are looking to develop your psychic skills – such as fine-tuning your intuition and sixth sense or your tarot card reading abilities – to a professional standard from the comfort of your own home . Psychic development classes are hugely fascinating. Whether you enrol to study tasseography and lithomancy, numerology or palmistry, there’s no doubt that you will come away having learnt something new... View Centre
What are sports and fitness courses online? Our sports and fitness courses are perfect for individuals who have a passion for sport or want to work in personal training, sports massage or therapy-based careers with excellent progression and earning potential. These online fitness courses are also hugely beneficial for those who’d like to progress to further study and specialise in a sports-related subject. Whatever online sports course you choose, you will be provided with all the... View Centre
Stress affects approximately 74% of people in the UK every year. But, with a little help from our stress management courses, it doesn't have to be an issue for you anymore. Enrol today to discover how you can live a happier, healthier life and help others to do so too. View Centre
Helping people look and feel great on the outside can help to boost their self-esteem and there's the opportunity to train in a huge variety of treatments, such as nail art, hairdressing and beauty therapy. We offer a wide range of hair and beauty courses where you can learn how to become a beautician and acquire the necessary skills to be able to apply for beauty therapy jobs. If you're interested in becoming a nail technician, then we offer several nail courses and manicure and... View Centre
What can I expect from travel and tourism courses? If you’re thrilled by the possibility of working within the travel and tourism industry, we have a wide range of exciting online courses that can potentially take you all over the world, to some of the most amazing destinations. From courses that prepare you to work as a cabin crew member to those that help you establish your very own tourism business, you’re bound to find something perfectly suited to your experience and skill... View Centre
Ready to develop your bookkeeping skills and thrive in the world of business finance from your own home? Then our online accountancy and bookkeeping courses are perfect for you. No matter whether you’re a bookkeeping beginner or payroll pro, you'll find the qualification for you below. View Centre
If you're keen to gain a more thorough understanding of how to do web design then our web design and IT distance learning courses will be most appealing to you. Our online IT courses aim to cover a wide range of areas and you'll learn to use a range of office packages which are commonly used for both personal and professional use on a daily basis, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Publisher. Computers have gone from being a... View Centre
Would you love to have a rewarding and varied career as a teaching assistant? Are you ready to go to work every day to inspire and nurture children to be the best they can be? Below you’ll find a variety of CACHE-accredited teaching assistant courses that will help you thrive in the world of education. No matter whether you're an aspiring TA or an education expert, our courses will support you throughout your TA career. View Centre
Getting Into Your Chosen University If you missed out on getting the grades you needed for your chosen university or chose the wrong subjects and want to learn something new, here at Stonebridge Associated Colleges we’re able to help you take the next step in your educational journey. Although A Levels are not the only way to get into university (see Access to High Education Diploma), as a nationally recognised qualification they demonstrate your knowledge in a specific subject... View Centre
Have you ever wondered why we behave in the ways we do? Are you interested in decoding the workings of the mind? If so, why not delve into the intricacies of the human psyche with our psychology courses today! View Centre
Do you dream of becoming an early years educator that nurtures children to become the best they can be? Would you love to work in childcare and help shape future generations? From CACHE-accredited diplomas to industry-recognised qualifications, you’ll find the course to launch your career in early years education below. View Centre
Ready to take a fascinating dive into the workings of the human body and understand what makes us tick? Explore everything from our 600+ muscles to the intricate systems working below the surface with our anatomy and physiology courses. View Centre
Do you want to turn your passion for pooches into a career? Or perhaps understand what makes your pets tick? You’ll find the animal course to transform you from animal care amateur to extraordinaire below! View Centre
Interested in conservation, environmental issues and ecology? There are lots of varied career opportunities available and it's also a very fascinating area to both work in and to learn about. A lot of our courses are science-based so would suit anyone with a scientific interest. You can study the relationship between plants and animals, to local and global environmental issues. We offer a wide range of courses which will no doubt broaden your knowledge of the environment and environmental... View Centre
Highly addictive TV dramas, such as Law and Order and NCIS have resulted in the growing popularity of the challenging careers within these areas of criminology, security and forensics. The prospect of solving crimes and delving into the mind of a criminal is exciting. Criminology is one of the most fascinating areas to study and we offer a range of different distance learning courses. They’ll teach you the most important skills and will open the doors to a range of security jobs and... View Centre
Customer care is important in every customer focused industry, good customer service is always the necessary element to the running of a successful business, however big or small. The courses that we offer will provide you with the essential skills to offer an improved level of customer service which can be applied to almost any sector or industry. Our courses will also teach you the essential customer service skills and how to implement a customer care programme and why it's important.... View Centre
Do you dream of working in foot health? Would you love to set up your own practice and begin a lucrative business as an independent foot health practitioner? Then enrolling on one of our accredited foot care courses is a step in the right direction. View Centre
If you’re searching for a qualification that will unlock your future career in health and social care, look no further. From introductory programmes to health and social care level 3 courses, you’ll find the course to help you succeed below. View Centre
If you’re passionate about people and business and want a career in HR, our qualifications will help you get started. From personnel management basics to HR strategy, you’ll find the course to help you thrive in the business world below. View Centre
We have a range of courses which cover variety areas that are essential to day-to-day life. These include the first years of parenting through infancy and toddlers and preparing a child for school, property investment, family healthcare, stock trading online, starting your own business and even overcoming difficult financial situations and debt management. Our courses are highly beneficial for everyday life, including our personal money management and money management courses, which were... View Centre
Do you want to work in sales or marketing but aren’t sure how to get started? Then you’re in the right place. Below you’ll find a variety of online marketing qualifications and sales courses to help you kick-start your career. View Centre
Have you always wanted to go to university but lacked the qualifications to get there? You can still achieve your dreams with a little help from an Access to Higher Education Diploma. As a recognised A-level alternative, Access to HE Diplomas will help you unlock university education without going back to college. View Centre
Are you business-minded? Do you hope to progress in your career in a managerial role? Then our ILM Level 3 courses will help you succeed. Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, our courses will award you with an industry-recognised qualification. You’ll be able to secure a new position and become the leader you’ve always wanted to be in no time. View Centre
Study a combined maths and English course online with Stonebridge. Studying functional skills online will help you develop your maths and English skills. Studying maths and English courses online gives you the freedom to schedule your learning around your other commitments. Increase your mathematical knowledge and level up your reading and writing skills with these combined courses. View Centre
Do you want to become an IT expert or professional without going to college or sacrificing your work commitments? Then our byte size skills IT courses are perfect for you. Designed to upskill you quickly and efficiently, they can be completed in just 20 hours from your own home. View Centre
Have you been scouring the internet for an online qualification that will allow you to launch your coaching career? Then look no further. You’ll find the course to equip you with the skills you need to succeed below. View Centre
Our short courses section is where our learners will find a wide range of online courses that have been discounted by up to 95%. Stonebridge Colleges works with a wide variety of publishers who create online courses to help our learners gain new skills, confidence and achieve their goals. Stonebridge Colleges are one of the UK’s largest providers of courses and qualifications and due to our size, we are able to source large discounts from our publishers. We pass... View Centre
Nationally Recognised, Regulated Qualifications Don’t have the grades you need? If you don’t have the required grades at GCSE, the idea of studying again to gain these may seem like a big task – but they are important. From requirements in a new job to further education study, there are a range of reasons you may be considering studying a GCSE course. Getting these qualifications under your belt will stand you in good stead for the future. Here at Stonebridge Associated... View Centre
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