Course Centres
Course Centres
If you’re the outdoors type who loves nothing better than spending their free time gardening or exploring the natural world, then you will benefit hugely from our collection of our agriculture, horticulture, and gardening courses. If you are interested in farming, farm machinery and the industry of agriculture, you can develop your existing knowledge and learn new skills through our online courses. For those of you who want to work in landscaping or garden design, having a solid... View Centre
Are you looking for the right qualification to help you succeed in the world of business, management or law? Then you’re in luck. Below you’ll find a selection of courses to equip you with the skills to stand out in any business setting. View Centre
Have you ever wanted to try something brand new but don't want to commit long-term? If the answer to this question's yes, then maybe you'd like to try one of our Byte Size Learning Skills courses. We offer these courses within a wide range of subjects, from Accounting for Companies, Bookkeeping, Product and Service Management and Customer Care. We offer a range of accounting and business courses where the main focus is company accounts and the main features of company accounts. There are... View Centre
Hospitality literally means the friendly and generous treatment of guests and strangers. So if you enjoy hosting parties, laying on a spread or organising a wedding then you may have found your true calling. We offer a wide range of hospitality, catering and event management courses to help you meet your career aspirations. Our online courses cover everything from food and beverage management to wedding planner and events management. All our courses are designed by subject matter experts... View Centre
Being skilled with the written word can open many doors for you, while also enabling you to channel your creativity into something worthwhile. Whether you have ambitions of writing a romance novel, thought-provoking poetry, or a thrilling crime story, we have online courses that teach the skills you need to succeed. As well as providing a collection of online writing courses, Stonebridge Associated Colleges also delves into journalism, copywriting, scriptwriting and much more. Throughout... View Centre
Talking therapies help hundreds of thousands of people every year work through mental health challenges ranging from depression to mental breakdowns. They provide an essential service to those who rely on them, helping them to make important changes, reassess their relationships or even rebuild their lives from the ground up. We offer a wide variety of online CBT, psychotherapy and counselling courses to give you the understanding and insight you need to train in these vital mental... View Centre
Our education, teaching and coaching courses offer a wide range of opportunities. We offer lots of teacher assistant training courses at all levels, including primary education courses. We also offer students the chance to use the skills gained from these courses to perhaps undertake training to become a teacher. We also offer a unique Life Skills coaching course, where you can be a part of making a huge difference to a lot of lives out there, especially in a world of ever-increasing... View Centre
Complementary therapies are treatments used alongside mainstream medicines. There are many exciting opportunities for people with an interest in health and have the skills to get on well with a wide range of people. Some of our specific courses include acupuncture courses and crystal healing therapy, which provides you with the necessary knowledge to use these unique therapies to release and clear negative energies. There’s also the chance to study a course in feng shui, which helps... View Centre
Get creative with our range of hobby and leisure courses that will allow you to create DIY hand-crafted pieces and homewares, regardless of experience. If you're aspiring to a career in interior design, then our courses will be the perfect way to qualify for a variety of interior design jobs as well as set up your own business. This course will even benefit those who wish to improve their own home. Speaking of home improvement, we also offer carpentry courses and electrician courses, where... View Centre
Do you have a creative flair and a desire to make an image in your mind come to life? The artistic side of your personality has a platform to thrive when studying creative, art or photography courses. By honing your skills and developing new techniques, you have the potential to create a rewarding career for yourself. From professional photography to digital design, you can embark on an exciting career once you have learned the intricacies of your craft. Alternatively, if you want to... View Centre
To live a healthy life, we need to look after our overall well-being, and nutrition plays a pivotal role. The food and drink we consume affects not only our bodies physically, but internally too. If you are keen to play a role in promoting nutrition and helping others to look after their health, then consider our nutritional sciences courses. We offer a selection of accredited courses that focus on diet and nutrition, which could help you progress into an official role as a nutritionist... View Centre
Have you always been intrigued by psychic practices? Would you love to connect with the other realm? You can learn how to explore your natural intuition and sixth sense by learning techniques from our range of online courses. From tarot card reading and parapsychology to dream analysis and clairvoyancy, we can help you reach a professional standard in your chosen field. Tap into your spiritual side and delve into an exciting world of psychic study and practice. Start learning about the... View Centre
Having a passion for sports and fitness can lead you into an exciting career. Perhaps your goal is to become a personal trainer, or a sports therapist. Maybe you want to delve into the nutritional benefits of sport or learn how to help people cope with sports injuries. Whatever your motivation is, Stonebridge Associated Colleges can help. Our extensive range of sports and fitness courses are designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to either kick-start a career or expand on... View Centre
Our daily lives are full of highs and lows, and we constantly face challenges. On occasion those challenges can cause us stress, which can lead to detrimental issues if not managed properly. If you struggle to cope with stress or regularly find yourself in stress-inducing situations, you can learn how to manage this with the help of Stonebridge Associated Colleges. Our online courses range from Stress at Work to Aroma Stress and Stress Management. If you are interested in moving into a... View Centre
You have arrived at the Stonebridge Associated Colleges Faculty of Beauty, Hair and Nails, where you will find courses that will help you qualify and become eligible for a beauty-related career. The beauty industry contributes billions of dollars to the UK’s economy every year, and its market share continues to reach a staggering size. People pay for beauty treatments to feel better about themselves, remedy certain skin conditions, or to simply relax and unwind. For these reasons and... View Centre
What can I expect from travel and tourism courses? If you’re thrilled by the possibility of working within the travel and tourism industry, we have a wide range of exciting online courses that can potentially take you all over the world, to some of the most amazing destinations. From courses that prepare you to work as a cabin crew member to those that help you establish your very own tourism business, you’re bound to find something perfectly suited to your experience and skill... View Centre
Ready to develop your bookkeeping skills and thrive in the world of business finance from your own home? Then our online accountancy and bookkeeping courses are perfect for you. No matter whether you’re a bookkeeping beginner or payroll pro, you'll find the qualification for you below. View Centre
Teaching assistants support teachers by ensuring children are making the most of their time at school, both academically and personally. They work with children individually and in groups to complete assigned tasks as well as deliver lessons so the class teacher can carry out other duties. It’s a varied and rewarding role, one in which you will get to help children develop and grow. We offer a wide range of online recognised qualifications that will give you the knowledge you need to... View Centre
If your dream job requires a degree, then you will have to meet the entry requirements of your chosen university. A Levels are accepted by all UK universities, with each establishment setting their own entry criteria, but not everyone obtains A Levels straight after they leave school. If your desired university has listed a certain number of A Levels as part of their entry requirements, then you can study for yours with Stonebridge Associated Colleges. We provide a portfolio of A Level... View Centre
Our behaviours are governed by our minds, but why do we behave in particular ways during certain situations? If you are interested in immersing yourself into the psychology of why a person is the way they are, then you will benefit hugely from our recognised courses. Stonebridge Associated Colleges provides a collection of courses that delve into different areas of psychology, ranging from children, relationships, criminal, educational, and many more. By studying our courses, you will be... View Centre
As an early years educator you will inspire and excite children through their early development. You will motivate children through imaginative learning and provide them a safe and secure environment to develop their social and communication skills. Studying an online course in early years education with us will give you the knowledge and skills you need to work in a childcare setting. Your studies will also help you to enrol in an early years teaching degree. View Centre
Anatomy and physiology courses allow you to learn about and investigate the structure and function of the human body. You will learn about the basic organisation of major body parts and the systems they are part of. Studying anatomy and physiology online courses with us will give you an introduction to a key area of biology and medicine. This serves as an ideal introduction ahead of more in-depth courses such as an Access to Higher Education Diploma (Medicine and Health Care Professionals). View Centre
Do you want to turn your passion for pooches into a career? Or perhaps understand what makes your pets tick? You’ll find the animal course to transform you from animal care amateur to extraordinaire below! View Centre
It is more important than ever to look after the world we live in, and if you adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle, then you may want to channel this passion into a rewarding career. You can learn everything there is to know about conservation so that you can help protect essential wildlife and future generations. For individuals interested in carving out a career in ecology, or has a passion for animals and plant life, we have recognised online courses that will prepare you for... View Centre
Highly addictive TV dramas, such as Law and Order and NCIS have resulted in the growing popularity of the challenging careers within these areas of criminology, security and forensics. The prospect of solving crimes and delving into the mind of a criminal is exciting. Criminology is one of the most fascinating areas to study and we offer a range of different distance learning courses. They’ll teach you the most important skills and will open the doors to a range of security jobs and... View Centre
Customer care focuses on how well customers are taken care of while they interact with your business. The best customer care is built around the 3 p’s. Professionalism, patience, and a people-first attitude. If you care about making sure your customers have a memorable experience with your business, then our range of customer care courses can help. We can help you gain a customer care qualification in a matter of weeks. Just choose the online course that’s right for you and start... View Centre
Do you dream of working in foot health? Would you love to set up your own practice and begin a lucrative business as an independent foot health practitioner? Then enrolling on one of our accredited foot care courses is a step in the right direction. View Centre
If you’re searching for a qualification that will unlock your future career in health and social care, look no further. From introductory programmes to health and social care level 3 courses, you’ll find the course to help you succeed below. View Centre
If you’re passionate about people and business and want a career in HR, our qualifications will help you get started. From personnel management basics to HR strategy, you’ll find the course to help you thrive in the business world below. View Centre
We have a range of courses which cover variety areas that are essential to day-to-day life. These include the first years of parenting through infancy and toddlers and preparing a child for school, property investment, family healthcare, stock trading online, starting your own business and even overcoming difficult financial situations and debt management. Our courses are highly beneficial for everyday life, including our personal money management and money management courses, which were... View Centre
Sales and marketing are two areas of business that naturally complements the other. Marketing creates interest in goods and services, whereas sales takes care of the activity around selling. These two broad terms cover a number of different disciplines including negotiation, advertising, market relations, PR, sales management and more. We provide a wide range of online learning sales and marketing courses designed to help you to develop your skills and progress your career. Enrol and... View Centre
This is the Stonebridge Associated Colleges Faculty for Access to Higher Education Diploma courses, designed to prepare you for university. Most high-level professions require you to have a degree, and you need qualifications to reach this step in your academic career. Traditionally, only A Levels would secure university entry, but most establishments now accept Access to HE Diplomas instead. If you want to work in the world of engineering, nursing, midwifery, psychology, education,... View Centre
If you consider yourself a born leader and are confident in managing people and situations, then a leadership or management role is perfectly suited to your attributes. Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), we provide online courses that can shape your career trajectory. By learning and developing skills that centre on leadership and management performance, you can progress into high-level roles in your industry. Whether you work in the business sector and want... View Centre
Having a solid understanding of English and Maths is important for the working world as well as everyday life. Most jobs require you to have either GCSEs or Level 2 qualifications in these subjects, and the same rule can apply to further education. While it is not a definitive rule across the board, it is an advantage to have knowledge of these subjects. Functional Skills are Level 2 qualifications, so if you did not obtain GCSEs at school, you can study for these nationally recognised... View Centre
Every business has an obligation to understand the legal framework surrounding their business. Working within the law is essential to ensuring that your company thrives. If you want to brush up on your knowledge and refresh your understanding of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the Freedom of Information Act, we have online courses that cover these topics. Alternatively, if you have ambitions of working in law, we can introduce you to the English legal system through our... View Centre
Do you want to become an IT expert or professional without going to college or sacrificing your work commitments? Then our byte size skills IT courses are perfect for you. Designed to upskill you quickly and efficiently, they can be completed in just 20 hours from your own home. View Centre
Life coaches provide a form of development that helps individuals achieve specific personal or professional goals. They provide training and guidance to build confidence or enhance existing skills to help that person succeed. It’s a rewarding and varied role, in which you will get to spend your days helping people from all walks of life, and where no two clients will be the same. We offer several online coaching courses to help you launch your new career ranging from lifestyle... View Centre
Our short courses section is where our learners will find a wide range of online courses that have been discounted by up to 95%. Stonebridge Colleges works with a wide variety of publishers who create online courses to help our learners gain new skills, confidence and achieve their goals. Stonebridge Colleges are one of the UK’s largest providers of courses and qualifications and due to our size, we are able to source large discounts from our publishers. We pass... View Centre
Academic careers begin with GCSEs, and while most obtain their desired grades during school, some are unable to, but there is a solution if you fall into this bracket! Stonebridge Associated Colleges provide GCSE courses that are regulated and nationally recognised, so you can go back and get the qualifications you need. Our range of online courses include the core subjects of English, Maths, and multiple Science subjects, as well as Psychology, History, Economics, and more. If you want... View Centre
Veterinary Science and Animal Care courses are designed by industry experts to give you the skills you need to start a career in animal welfare, wildlife management, conservation and more. We’re here to help you find the right course to meet your career aspirations. Choose from our wide range of online courses ranging from dog grooming to veterinary assistant and zookeeping. Enrol and start your learning the same day! View Centre
Whether you’re planning a career living and working abroad or you want to earn some extra money during a world trip, training to teach English as a foreign language is the perfect solution. Teaching English as a Foreign Language allows you to find the perfect balance between immersing yourself in another’s countries culture and surroundings while earning a decent wage. View Centre
From nationally recognised academic courses to lifestyle and professional skills, we provide a wide range of courses designed to help you reach your career and personal goals. Stonebridge Associated Colleges is one of the UK’s leading distance learning providers, with more than 650 courses, the majority of which are delivered 100% online. Whether you want to work towards a rewarding career in Nursing, kick-start your journey to a role in Education, or progress in the world of Veterinary... View Centre
Channel your creativity into a new hobby or transform your hobby into a career! If you have a passion for interior design, dress making, woodwork, or home improvements, we have plenty of courses that can satisfy your interest. By developing your skills and techniques in a particular skill, you can go on to work in the related industry or set up your own business. Not much can beat working in a career that you enjoy, so if you want to pour your passion into a fruitful career, taking our... View Centre
The trade industry is an essential part of the working world, as without it, the world would not be as we currently know it. If you have a natural talent for carpentry or construction, then you can develop your skills and techniques through our range of dedicated courses. Whether you already possess skills in this industry or you are starting from scratch, our distance learning courses will provide you with the techniques you need to work towards a role as a tradesperson. Our courses... View Centre
Being able to do tasks around the house or channel your creative impulses into hands-on work is an impressive skill. The term ‘Do it Yourself’ is commonly referred to as ‘DIY’, and many of us wish that we were better at it! Well, now you can be. With the help of Stonebridge Associated Colleges, you can study a worthwhile craft through distance learning courses. All of the essential elements of your chosen skill will be covered, enabling you to progress and become an expert in your... View Centre
‘Lifestyle’ is a term that refers to the way in which we live, covering our interests and behaviours. In the working world, there are many professions that cater to these interests and behaviours. If you are a creative writer that wants to bring their story to life, or a sports enthusiast who is keen to delve into the fitness sphere, Stonebridge Associated Colleges has courses for you. You will have the opportunity to transform your talent into a rewarding career. Our recognised... View Centre
To feel like an effective member of society, we need to understand the communities around us. As well as learning about the groups that make up our society, we can also form a better understanding of our own identity. Through our online citizenship courses, you can delve into the roles of a community and how our society is formed. You will be able to identify the important issues that crop up in citizenship and how you can make a difference to the community you are part of. Whether you... View Centre
Money plays a significant role in all our lives as it an absolute necessity. We need it to pay for food, shopping, rent, mortgages, bills, and much more. For some, they find it difficult to manage their spending, but if you don’t, you could find yourself in significant debt. If you want to learn techniques on how to better manage your finances, Stonebridge Associated Colleges provides beneficial online courses with recognised qualifications. If you want to learn how to save effectively,... View Centre
One of the most important and rewarding jobs that a person can have is being a parent, but it is certainly not at easy role to take on! New parents often need help and guidance to ensure that their child receives the level of care they need. The responsibilities of a parent are much more than making sure that their children are fed and clothed. As they grow, they need to be prepared for the wider world, and while there is no rulebook when it comes to parenting, you can learn beneficial... View Centre
This is the Stonebridge Associated Colleges Faculty for Professional Skills Courses, where you can perfect your craft in your desired subject area. Perhaps you have always been fascinated by criminology, or you are keen to launch your own catering business. Whatever your career goals are, we provide a selection of courses that can kick-start your journey or expand your existing skillset. Delve into the world of security, make a difference by learning about environmental conservation, or... View Centre
One of the most important elements of a social event is the catering. If you’re passionate about food and dream of starting your own catering business, you need to learn the ropes first. Coming up with innovative menus and food business ideas can only be done successfully if you have the knowledge behind you. Stonebridge Associated Colleges provides numerous catering courses, covering management, waitering, and food hygiene. By gaining an in-depth knowledge of this industry, you will be... View Centre
People go to a massage therapist for a whole host of reasons. They may be suffering from a sports-related injury, need relief from certain painful symptoms, pregnancy discomfort or to reduce stress and anxiety. There are also a vast number of massage types a person can have that focus on specific parts of the body or have certain healing approaches. If you want to work in a career that helps make people feel better and more at peace with themselves, why not consider becoming a massage... View Centre
You have arrived at the Stonebridge Associated Colleges Faculty for IT Courses, where you can study courses to help you get to grips with and advance in an increasingly digital world. As we depend on the internet, digital processes and platforms more in our work and everyday lives, it's essential we keep up to speed with how to utilise and harness digital technology. By studying IT Courses with Stonebridge, you can learn how to stay safe online, use common software like the Microsoft... View Centre
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