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Course Centres
We offer a wide range of agricultural courses here at Stonebridge. If you’re green-fingered and have a deep interest in all things outdoorsy, then we offer some excellent courses which are both theoretical and practical within the fields of agriculture, horticulture and gardening. These will not only help you explore your interests and passions further, but will provide you with all of the necessary skills to further your career ambitions, in these areas We offer a unique course in... View Centre
Our business, management and law courses cover a wide scope. There’s a great earning potential. There are lots of choices available for students already working within business and want to enhance their skills and knowledge. There are also students who want to set up their own business or become involved in running a business. Within the many business courses that offer, is our business administration course. This is aimed at students who are already working within an administrative... View Centre
Have you ever wanted to try something brand new but don't want to commit long-term? If the answer to this question's yes, then maybe you'd like to try one of our Byte Size Learning Skills courses. We offer these courses within a wide range of subjects, from Accounting for Companies, Bookkeeping, Product and Service Management and Customer Care. We offer a range of accounting and business courses where the main focus is company accounts and the main features of company accounts. There are... View Centre
From running a guesthouse to managing a hotel, the catering and hospitality industry is currently soaring with so many opportunities available for whatever suits your skill set and experience. New hotels, leisure complexes and guesthouses are constantly launching, which means there are an increasing amount of jobs available and huge scope for progression. You can choose to start up your own business or become employed full-time at a popular hotel chain. Our unique snack bar cafe and fast... View Centre
Our distance learning courses in creative writing and journalism will allow you to get those creative juices flowing and practice all those basic techniques needed in order to be successful. As highly-regarded as these areas are, they're also notoriously competitive. If you fancy yourself as the next J.K Rowling or E.L James, then you'll love our courses that'll teach you how to write a novel and help you generate ideas for creative writing. Our romantic fiction writing will be... View Centre
Counselling has proven to be an extremely effective therapy for the wide variety of situations with which people find themselves struggling. The counselling process is therefore engaged in by caring people involved in many different vocations, from professional counsellors and psychotherapists to loving parents with children at home. The courses in counselling offered here have been meticulously researched and compiled to meet the needs of the many different circumstances involved and the... View Centre
Our education, teaching and coaching courses offer a wide range of opportunities. We offer lots of teacher assistant training courses at all levels, including primary education courses. We also offer students the chance to use the skills gained from these courses to perhaps undertake training to become a teacher. We also offer a unique Life Skills coaching course, where you can be a part of making a huge difference to a lot of lives out there, especially in a world of ever-increasing... View Centre
Complementary therapies are treatments used alongside mainstream medicines. There are many exciting opportunities for people with an interest in health and have the skills to get on well with a wide range of people. Some of our specific courses include acupuncture courses and crystal healing therapy, which provides you with the necessary knowledge to use these unique therapies to release and clear negative energies. There’s also the chance to study a course in feng shui, which helps... View Centre
Get creative with our range of hobby and leisure courses that will allow you to create DIY hand-crafted pieces and homewares, regardless of experience. If you're aspiring to a career in interior design, then our courses will be the perfect way to qualify for a variety of interior design jobs as well as set up your own business. This course will even benefit those who wish to improve their own home. Speaking of home improvement, we also offer carpentry courses and electrician courses, where... View Centre
Creating visually appealing pieces of work can be a rewarding past-time or occupation. Seeing your ideas come to life through a masterpiece, whether its photography, paintings, sculpting or illustrations is one of life’s pleasures. If you want to become highly skilled at being a photographer or photojournalist, then you’ll be given the chance to polish your skills to perfection by studying our wide range of photography courses and photojournalism courses. In a world which is... View Centre
Nutrition is an exciting area to study as there continues to be lots of increasing opportunities and job roles. If you are interested in helping clients maintain good physical health and you also have an interest in all things nutritional, then we have a wide range of courses that may be suitable for you. Our nutrition course will provide you with all the necessary skills to become a nutritionist. The course covers many key elements, including the importance of nutrition in everyday life,... View Centre
Not the typical career choice, but nevertheless a hugely fascinating and intriguing one. It's also a career path which carries a whole load of misunderstanding and erroneous beliefs where people often believe that clairvoyance is associated with some form of black magic and mysticism. Regardless of which course is most appealing to you, there's no doubt that you'll learn something totally new, whether that's Tasseography and Lithomancy (the prediction from crystals and precious stones),... View Centre
There are lots of courses which are great for those wanting to work in personal training, sport and fitness and those who want to be gym trainers. Our courses are also highly beneficial for those who'd like to progress onto further study and perhaps higher education, for example, studying for a sports science degree or a sports management degree. Our online courses provide entry into an array of different careers and job roles and all have excellent career prospects and earning... View Centre
What is stress? Everyone experiences stress within their daily lives and it's not uncommon for things to get too much for people and find that they can't take anymore. So much so that it hinders their day-to-day life and even find themselves searching for effective stress relief products. Our innovative stress management courses will help you learn the different techniques on how to cope with stress. The course will explore the causes of stress, whole stress phenomenon and its effects,... View Centre
Helping people look and feel great on the outside can help to boost their self-esteem and there's the opportunity to train in a huge variety of treatments, such as nail art, hairdressing and beauty therapy. We offer a wide range of hair and beauty courses where you can learn how to become a beautician and acquire the necessary skills to be able to apply for beauty therapy jobs. If you're interested in becoming a nail technician, then we offer several nail courses and manicure and... View Centre
If you’re excited about the possibility of working within the travel and tourism industry, then we have a wide range of exciting travel courses that can potentially take you all over the world, to some of the most amazing destinations. From working as a cabin crew member to establishing your very own tourism business, you're bound to find something that is perfectly suited to your experience and skill set. By working in the travel industry, you'll be expecting a fresh challenge... View Centre
Accountancy has become an essential part of business life and a course in accountancy and bookkeeping can provide you with all the essential skills that are needed. An accountancy and bookkeeping qualification is perfect if you have an interest in numbers and business. Our accountancy courses are offered at a range of levels, from A-Level to Byte Size Skills courses. These courses can provide an excellent platform to start a successful career as an accountant. We also offer lots of... View Centre
If you're keen to gain a more thorough understanding of how to do web design then our web design and IT distance learning courses will be most appealing to you. Our online IT courses aim to cover a wide range of areas and you'll learn to use a range of office packages which are commonly used for both personal and professional use on a daily basis, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Publisher. Computers have gone from being a... View Centre
Teaching Assistant Courses The role of a teaching assistant (classroom assistant) is extremely enjoyable and the working hours extremely convenient for many people, particularly those with school age children. But although the ratio of teaching assistants to teachers continues to rise there is a lot of competition to actually get a post. So if you do not currently have a placement you should find it easier to obtain an interview and indeed get a job if you either have a qualification, or... View Centre
A levels are subject-specific qualifications normally studied after GCSEs or International GCSEs, though they are appropriate at any age to gain a qualification in a subject in which you are interested. You can study for them in a way that suits you with distance learning. The qualification is made up of two levels: the AS level and the A2 level. The AS level is the first half of a full A level and is a qualification on its own. The A2 level builds on the knowledge gained from both the AS... View Centre
Psychology is the scientific study of human and animal behaviour with the object of understanding why living beings behave as they do. Its aim is to help society by understanding individuals and groups through establishing general principles and researching specific cases. Whilst psychological knowledge is often applied to the evaluation and treatment of mental health problems, it is also involved in understanding and solving problems in many different spheres of human activity. For... View Centre
Working with young children is one of the most rewarding careers there is but it also carries responsibility with it. That’s why we have created this Early Years Educator centre to offer training and support to you and all others who are involved or interested in supporting the development of young children aged from birth up to 5 years old. It has been widely acknowledged that the early development of infants plays a vital and lasting influence on the child’s later life. In... View Centre
We offer a range of anatomy and physiology courses which will help you learn everything that you need to know about human anatomy and physiology. These courses are specifically designed for use in complementary health therapies. They prove very useful if you're studying to become a reflexologist, a massage therapist or even a yoga instructor. They'll give you a solid grounding about the functioning of the human body. There's also the opportunity to expand on your knowledge and build upon... View Centre
If you're looking for a hands-on career which is both thrilling, enjoyable and rewarding and you're an animal lover, then there's an increasing amount of opportunities working with animals. Even better, there's the opportunity to become self-employed and supplement your income with related roles. We offer a range of dog training courses, for all dog lovers out there, such as dog grooming, dog babysitting, starting a dog walking business and the opportunity to become skilled in dog... View Centre
Interested in conservation, environmental issues and ecology? There are lots of varied career opportunities available and it's also a very fascinating area to both work in and to learn about. A lot of our courses are science-based so would suit anyone with a scientific interest. You can study the relationship between plants and animals, to local and global environmental issues. We offer a wide range of courses which will no doubt broaden your knowledge of the environment and environmental... View Centre
Highly addictive TV dramas, such as Law and Order and NCIS have resulted in the growing popularity of the challenging careers within these areas of criminology, security and forensics. The prospect of solving crimes and delving into the mind of a criminal is exciting. Criminology is one of the most fascinating areas to study and we offer a range of different distance learning courses. They’ll teach you the most important skills and will open the doors to a range of security jobs and... View Centre
Customer care is important in every customer focused industry, good customer service is always the necessary element to the running of a successful business, however big or small. The courses that we offer will provide you with the essential skills to offer an improved level of customer service which can be applied to almost any sector or industry. Our courses will also teach you the essential customer service skills and how to implement a customer care programme and why it's important.... View Centre
Even though a career as a Foot Care Practitioner may not seem the like the most obvious or immediately appealing career choices, they're actually extremely rewarding and satisfying. Feet are often neglected, but foot disorders do exist and if not treated, they can severely impair mobility. This means that good foot health practitioners are always in demand. Not only will you find plenty of career opportunities in foot health, but you have the option to operate as a self-employed mobile... View Centre
There is no clear-cut definition of social care. It covers a wide range of services provided by local authorities and the independent sector to children and adults in need or at risk. Carers typically find themselves working in: care homes, clinics, hospitals, medical practices, and out in the community in the homes of people in need of their help. The work can be, and often is, challenging, but it is so rewarding. Note what Karim Silmane said after changing careers and becoming a support... View Centre
We have a lot of human resource courses on offer, as such as our personnel management course, which will develop and improve your understanding of the primary function of personnel management. Personnel management is important in contributing an essential service to the efficiency of the organisation by providing an effective workforce. The course covers areas such as the personnel function, recruitment, training and job evaluation. Our human resource management course is highly... View Centre
We have a range of courses which cover variety areas that are essential to day-to-day life. These include the first years of parenting through infancy and toddlers and preparing a child for school, property investment, family healthcare, stock trading online, starting your own business and even overcoming difficult financial situations and debt management. Our courses are highly beneficial for everyday life, including our personal money management and money management courses, which were... View Centre
If you have an excellent instinct for knowing what a customer wants our sales and marketing courses will help you think of different ways to make products and services much more attractive to customers. Our sales and marketing courses will cover all different aspects of sales and marketing. Social media is becoming more than just an online outlet for posting pictures from a previous night out or posting a barrage of selfies. It's also a very important marketing tool. Social media... View Centre
What are Access to Higher Education Diplomas? These popular Access to Higher Education Diplomas are ideal if you want to start a university course but have no formal qualifications. By successfully completing a relevant Access to Higher Education Diploma you will find that many universities will welcome you aboard to further your higher education by means of a degree course. An Access to Higher Education Diploma makes it possible for you to lay an extensive but solid foundation of... View Centre
Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Courses ILM courses are valued by employers as they are awarded by the widely recognised and respected Institute of Leadership and Management. An ILM qualification immediately demonstrates that you have both the knowledge and practical skills to excel as a leader or manager, it can also give you the confidence to take your career onto another level. ILM is the European leader of leadership and management qualifications, they provide... View Centre
Our short courses section is where our learners will find a wide range of online courses that have been discounted by up to 95%. Stonebridge Colleges works with a wide variety of publishers who create online courses to help our learners gain new skills, confidence and achieve their goals. Stonebridge Colleges are one of the UK’s largest providers of courses and qualifications and due to our size, we are able to source large discounts from our publishers. We pass... View Centre
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