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Teaching is the cornerstone of societal development and progression. Without education, the youth of today wouldn’t be so well equipped to tackle the obstacles faced in modern society.  

This is why so much emphasis is placed on educating people in their younger years. Children can go into learning environments before they start taking their first steps, as no time is too soon to pick up valuable life lessons.  

This learning journey can extend all the way into their late teens, twenties and even later should people voluntarily go back into education later in life. You are never too old to learn something new, a concept that is made more apparent as increasing numbers of mature students opt to enrol on academic courses every year. 

If you want to be a part of the workforce that equips the next generation, and the current one for that matter, with lifelong knowledge and skills, there are many ways you can start a teaching career. What most aspiring teaching professionals don’t realise, is you can do this online.  

There are a host of distance learning courses UK students can take that will put them on the path to their ideal career as a Teacher. If this is something you aspire to, keep reading. 

Early Years Educator 

Children start learning from the moment they are born, from recognising faces to understanding sounds, speech and actions, every day is a learning day for youngsters. As an Early Years Educator, you can help these initial years become even more beneficial by helping children learn and develop social and communication skills in a safe and secure environment.  

With Stonebridge Associated Colleges, you can study the below nursery teaching courses online: 

Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) NCFE CACHE Level 3 (RQF) 

Gain the ability to work with newborns and children up to the age of 5 in helping them learn and develop social skills through play and structured activities. Learning at this stage is important for personal development and is valuable preparation for their time in school. 

This distance learning college course is perfect if you are looking to work as a Childminder, Nursery Practitioner or Pre-School Child Carer. While an online course, you will need to be assessed via direct observation, after which, you will be ready to work with children aged 5 and under in a childcare setting. 

Diploma in Playwork CACHE Level 3 (RQF) (NVQ) 

Learning through play is a recognised approach to developing young children by enabling the children to control the direction of play. Using this method, children can explore and experiment, so they can learn from their own mistakes and successes.  

The idea behind it is to encourage adaptability and resilience and encourage children to feel comfortable trying something new. This Level 3 online diploma will teach you the principles of playwork, as well as the organisational framework of play, how to plan self-directed play and how to support positive outcomes for children. 

Preparing to Work in Home Based Childcare CACHE Award Level 3 (RQF) 

In many cases, parents adopt the services of home based childcare for early years education. Besides providing essential support to working families with young children, they give children a safe, fun and enriching environment to learn outside of their own home. 

To set up a home based childcare business, you should understand the key legislation related to this business such as safeguarding, child protection and health and safety laws. Knowing how to structure daily routines for the children in your care is also important, as is knowing how to support their learning and development.  

This online course will teach you how to set up this kind of teaching business by covering important areas like how to manage the financial taxation elements, how to create a business plan and how to register your home based childcare service with Ofsted. 

Early Years Educator

Qualifications for Teaching Assistant Roles 

Assistant Teachers support other Teachers by helping make sure that children thrive both personally and professionally at school. In a varied and rewarding role, they can help individual children overcome obstacles and meet personal targets, as well as help larger groups of pupils complete assigned tasks, in addition to helping with the delivery of lessons. 

You can complete a variety of Teaching Assistant courses online that will help prove you can support children of all abilities. From Teaching Assistant certificates to Higher Level Teaching Assistant courses, Stonebridge can help you take on all levels of school-based responsibility.  

Teaching Assistant: Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning (RQF) 

If you’re considering training to be a Teaching Assistant, this NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools is an excellent place to start. 

This learning distance course teaches you how to effectively work with children and young people. It focuses on developing your communication skills for classroom teaching and how to encourage positive behaviour in children. You will also learn how to constructively support learning activities, plan lessons and operate within a school.  

Once you complete this online course, you will be qualified to work as a Teaching Assistant in both primary and secondary settings. 

NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning (RQF) 

Teaching Assistants can take on varying levels of responsibility depending on their level of qualification and experience. If you’re an existing Teaching Assistant at Level 1 or 2, or you want to go straight into the profession at a higher level, this Teaching Assistant diploma course will allow you to take on more responsibilities and further your career. 

This is because the Teaching Assistant Level 3 modules covered are specific to more advanced support, so you are better positioned to help children with varying abilities. Throughout the course, you will enhance your ability to support children and young people’s speech, in addition to supporting the learning of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. 

You will also cover the policy and procedures for the use of ICT for teaching and learning. All of which positions you for more senior Teaching Assistant roles in schools, colleges and specialist educational institutions.  

Higher Level Teaching Assistants (RQF) Level 4 Certificate 

If you want to progress your career further, then you can move up or enter the profession as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. This course is set at Level 4 qualification and enables you to climb to the top of the ladder in assistant teaching.  

As a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, you will be equipped to teach classes on your own and step in to cover planned absences. For this reason, Higher Level Teaching Assistants are highly valued in any educational institution, so by studying this course, you will become an in-demand teaching professional. 

During your studies, you will cover the principles of child development and wellbeing, in addition to developing the skills to build effective relationships with children, families, carers and teachers. You will also learn how to create efficient lesson plans, monitor pupils and deliver assessments. 

SEN Courses 

Schools in the UK provide education for children and young people of all abilities, including individuals with disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SEN). Pupils may have problems with their speech, have dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, ADD, ADHD or a combination of conditions that can make school a challenge.  

In many cases, pupils with special education needs can find it hard to keep pace with others in class, socialise and make friends. All of which can make educational environments feel isolating. SEN trained Teaching Assistants can focus their time and attention where it’s needed, adapting the curriculum so that it is more accessible to pupils at different levels and helping them forge important relationships with others.  

There are numerous SEN courses UK learners can study to gain these incredibly valuable skills from home, and around their existing commitments. With Stonebridge, you can study:   

Autism Awareness 

Our introductory autism awareness online course aims to develop your understanding of the diverse condition of autism. Providing you with practical suggestions when working with individuals with autism and helping you understand the causes and behaviours associated with this learning disability. 

You can also study this advanced autism awareness course to learn about the history of autism, and cover research of the disability that helps explain the autistic spectrum. As such, you will gain extensive knowledge of autism and how to support individuals with the learning disability. 

Special Educational Needs (SEN) – Advanced 

As you will no doubt work with pupils with all manner of special educational needs, studying a course that covers a wider variety of learning disabilities is highly beneficial. This learning distance course covers the key principles of special educational needs and learning disabilities, so you have a wider ranging knowledge to effectively support these individuals. 

It enables you to help SEN pupils set goals as well as work with the individual to achieve them. It will also provide you with a detailed insight into a variety of learning disabilities, so you are better positioned to understand their varying needs and how to keep each child comfortable and content in school.  

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to work in SEN or a learning support role in an educational setting. 

Online Teaching Courses to Kickstart Your Career

Other Specialist Teaching Courses 

With increased globalisation, there are more pupils in UK schools who speak English as an additional language or are coming into the classroom with almost no understanding of it. As such, Teachers and Teaching Assistants who are trained to help bilingual or non-English speaking pupils get more out of their education are incredibly valuable.   

Supporting Teaching and Learning (Bilingual Teaching Assistant) Level 3 Diploma (RQF) 

With this course, you can help bilingual learners better understand tasks and more effectively communicate in class and in their written work. The modules aim to enable you to help them with their vocabulary and language structure, support their learning and boost their confidence. All of which helps them settle into their new school environment.  

There are also courses on Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language that you can complete, should you wish to explore this avenue further.  

Access to HE Diplomas for Education 

If your aim is to lead the classroom experience by becoming a fully qualified Teacher, you can also begin the route to this career online. You need to obtain a bachelor's degree to become a Teacher in the UK, but you can work towards this in a number of ways depending on if you already have a degree, and your academic preferences. 

If you don’t have a degree, you’ll have to apply for an undergraduate Initial Teacher Education or Training (ITET) programme at university with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). A popular way to do this is by studying a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree with QTS. 

Our online Access to Higher Education Diploma (Education) is an excellent way to get prepared for Bachelor of Education. Not only do the education and development focused modules build your teaching and education knowledge, but the qualification is also equivalent to three A Levels so you can move straight onto your degree upon successful completion. 

You will learn how to manage behaviour in the classroom, come to understand the development of children, develop your knowledge of disabilities and special education needs. All of which helps you on the way to becoming an effective and empathetic teaching professional.  

Study Teaching Courses Online 

If you’re ready to take the next step towards a teaching career, you can learn now. Distance learning colleges like Stonebridge Associated Colleges can help you get on the way. Our online courses are flexible, convenient and highly effective in getting learners qualified for their ideal career.  

You can find out more by giving our Course Executives a call on 0121 392 8288 or contacting us online. We can help you find the online teaching course that suits your needs and explain all the benefits you receive when studying online with us.  

Alternatively, you can view our teaching courses below or find out more about the best way to get a Teaching Assistant job in our blog.    

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