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June 14, 2016

Train for security manager jobs

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What is a security manager?

Security management involves protecting a company’s employees and assets, which can include intellectual property, data and sensitive information. A security manager’s job is to carry out risk assessments and identify and react to threats.

Why work as a security manager?

Security manager jobs are open to people from all backgrounds and age is no barrier, so they’re perfect for anyone looking for a career change. You also don’t need to come from an academic background, because skill and ability are the most important qualities that an employer will look for.

You’ll be in high demand, because companies simply can’t afford not to protect themselves, especially with advances in digital technology. Many jobs come with high salaries and fantastic benefits and there’s great potential for career progression. The sector is also very wide, so you could be working in almost any industry and there will be opportunities to specialise in an area of security management that interests you.

Why train?

To apply for security manager jobs, you’ll need to be prepared to manage many different areas of security and it’s crucial you get things right once you have a job. Training will give you the knowledge you need to effectively organise a team. It will also give you the confidence to handle conflict and to make the right decisions in high pressure situations.

Our training course covers key areas, including security threats, project management, burglary and harassment at work. You’ll learn how to prevent the loss of key assets and minimise potential threats.

Getting a qualification will also help you to:

  • Apply for a job in security management, with salaries starting at £23,000.
  • Get a promotion in a security management company.
  • Set your own business up and offer security, or consulting services.

Study with Stonebridge in your own time and start your new career path.


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8 Responses

  1. Kingsley Amaechi says:

    Pls send me pack form for security
    Managers form

  2. felix nkense says:

    good course outlook.i will be getting to study it

  3. Anselm says:

    What matters most is the awarding body that will be recognised by the employers. You have nice courses of course but the awarding body is very important.
    If I finishing the security management, am I to be allowed by SIA to be a trainer in the industry? What I mean here is that normally when you have a diploma in security management you can open your own office to train those who want to obtain SIA licence to work as door supervisor for example.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Anselm,

      Unfortunately, our security management course does not provide a student with an SIA licence to practice upon completion – this is a distance learning theory only course, providing students with a level 3 award from ABC.


  4. Okello Wilson says:

    I would like to know the payment mode because I am an ordinary Ugandan who wishes to undertake the course in security management advanced.

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