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May 29, 2018

Guest Blog: 5 Benefits of E-Learning With Stonebridge College

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The future is online!

In this internet-savvy era, E-learning has completely transformed the way we impart knowledge to students. Unlike the traditional board and chalk method, E-learning has made learning easier, simpler, more interesting and more effective.  It has become increasingly accessible and viable thanks to the availability of modern technology and the improved speed of our internet connection.

Moreover, with the massive improvements of mobile networks and the stark increase in telecommuting over the past few years, E-learning has been taken to the next level. Technology and social media are constantly transforming our education system.

We all know that learning can be quite time consuming and expensive, but in the past few years, E-learning has made learning more affordable, measureable and effective. Stonebridge College, the UK’s trustworthy and reliable provider of recognised distance learning qualifications, values their student’s time and money. This is why they offer 700 distance learning courses split across 30 specialist learning centers, each of one supported by a qualified and active online student community.

Today, learners want reliable, relevant, self-paced, mobile and personalised content. Realistically, these modern student needs are more likely to be fulfilled by the online method of learning – where students can learn within their own physical and intellectual comfort zones.

To find out more about what makes E-learning one of most convenient and easiest modes of learning, take an analytical look at the various advantages of distance learning you can enjoy with Stonebridge College

  1. E-learning fulfills everyone’s needs


E-Learning is suitable for everyone. This digitally advanced revolution has led to incredible changes in how the content is consumed, accessed, discussed and shared. Stonebridge distance learning courses can be taken by anyone, whether they are an office worker, a teaching assistant, a retail manager or a full time parent. The convenience and flexibility offered with these courses means that students can even find time for their studies at evenings or weekends.

  1. E-learning benefits from being immediate


A prime benefit of E-learning is that students will gain immediate access to updated content. This means that they are in synchronisation with modern learners. At Stonebridge College, any changes made to a student’s enrolled course will be conveniently and automatically updated on their learning area. Not only this, but the student will also have automatic access to the latest version of learning tools and techniques.

  1. Students can learn on their own time

E-learning Online Study Learning Website Concept

Unlike traditional learning providers, Stonebridge allows students to access their lessons an unlimited number of times. This is especially useful when learners are revising for exams or completing assignments. So, regardless of whether students are in office or at home, they can repeat the lessons anytime and anywhere. Students also don’t have to wait until September, or wait until a certain time before a lecture begins – all they need to do is simply sign-in and start learning.

  1. E-learning can offer quicker results


Another advantage of E-learning is that it saves more time. By this, we mean that the time needed to learn is comparatively less when compared with traditional learning. Read the following points to find out how E-learning with Stonebridge reduces overall learning time –

  • Learners can start their lesson quickly and fit in sessions between other tasks.
  • Students can decide the speed of their own learning and move at a comfortable pace.
  • E-learning with Stonebridge saves time traveling to the training center. This means, students can learn from the comfort of their favourite place, be it their office or home
  1. Lower environmental impact


Being a paperless mode of learning, E-learning protects the environment to a greater extent. According to a study, it is found that distance learning consumes 90% less power and generates 85% less of carbon dioxide compared to traditional learning methods. All you need is a computer, laptop or tablet which you can buy at discounted rates from Currys.

And, that’s a wrap for the advantages of learning with Stonebridge. If you value your time and money, check out their selection of E-learning courses.

**This blog is written by CollectOffers.

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