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A mobile foot health journey: one year on the road

June 6, 2017
Start a foot health training course with Stonebridge

Discover how a husband and wife both trained to become foot health practitioners, and went on to set up a successful business. “Blended learning suited my needs.” When Christine Fox was made redundant from her job in finance, she started[...]
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How to become a teaching assistant with no experience

May 31, 2017
Explore teaching assistant roles with Stonebridge

For anyone passionate about working with children, a career in the education sector is both rewarding and convenient: Positions are local. Hours are flexible. Roles are creative and varied. Traditional teaching jobs can be time-consuming, but classroom[...]
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What skills do you need to become an early years practitioner?

May 25, 2017
Become a preschool assistant through online training

With more parents than ever before returning to work, the childcare industry is booming. For employees, it’s a flexible career path that fits around family commitments and frequently comes with an easy commute. In an early years position, your[...]
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The Stonebridge student experience

May 15, 2017
Meet likeminded people through distance learning

Starting a distance learning course for the first time can be daunting, but at Stonebridge College, we’ve spent the last 20 years supporting our students to reach their employment ambitions. At the heart of what we do is a commitment to listening[...]
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Find out how to get into health and social care

May 10, 2017
Get into healthcare with a flexible course.

Why work in health and social care? Although almost everyone will at some point in their life rely upon a health and social care professional, few people know much about the vital work that they do. The sector is vast, with a 2016 study revealing[...]
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How to get to uni without A-Levels and start a business degree

May 3, 2017
A business degree without A-Levels is possible with distance learning.

Business impacts upon almost every area of our lives and in a rapidly changing world, it’s a fascinating topic that encompasses many employment sectors. A qualification in business has the potential to open doors, with numerous high-powered[...]
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Our flexible course will teach you how to become a nail technician

April 24, 2017
Becoming a nail technician is simple with Stonebridge College

Nail care has been around for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians applied henna and herbal potions to colour their fingertips, while Chinese royals used dye to stain their nails red and black. Fashions have continued to change over the years and recent[...]
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How to get into counselling

April 19, 2017
How to start a career in counselling with an introductory course

What is counselling? Counselling is a type of therapy that encourages people to talk about their experiences, problems and feelings in a confidential setting. Clients use counselling to consider their own behaviour from new perspectives and to overcome difficult[...]
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Solving the problem of women in web design

April 11, 2017
How to get into web design later in life

Female workers make up just 12% of employees in the IT sector, a statistic which the UK Government hopes to change. Economic and social growth relies on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) research and development. Technology moves[...]
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Find out more about courses for teaching assistants for special educational needs (SEN) jobs

April 10, 2017
Discover how to become a special needs teaching assistant and support children in school

It’s autism awareness month, and this week we’re thinking about the difference that teaching assistants can make to struggling students. Alongside planning activities and preparing learning resources, they offer essential one-to-one help and[...]
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