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November 16, 2018

Work Away: Can Teaching Abroad Get You That Gap Year?

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Do you like travelling? Ever had a secret desire to take up a gap-year, but life got in the way?

Previously reserved for the upper echelons of society, gap years have become a lot more accessible in recent years. The meaning of gap years, and what they mean to people, has changed.

Thanks to such a diverse labour market and easier, quicker ways to travel, more and more people choose to go work abroad for a while. This means that you too can take up a gap year, with work that can be emotionally rewarding, as well as financially satisfying.

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For many English-speakers (and no, it is not limited to native-speakers) teaching is one of the most popular career choices for working abroad.

Beyond the deep immersion in a new culture, learning a new language, and doing one of the most rewarding jobs, these jobs often have fantastic financial perks. They often pay for accommodation and bills, and earnings can depending on the country, be tax-free.

Some of the best-paying countries for teachers:

UAE – £3 220 / month tax-free

Kuwait – £2 905 / month tax-free

Kazakhstan – £3 883 / month

China – £1 963 / month

Korea – £1 553 / month

With Stonebridge Associated Colleges you will find a great selection of courses that can help you develop your teaching skills, at any level you may find yourself.

Teaching abroad

Teaching English as a Second Language is a qualification explores in-depth topics such as the function of a teacher, learning and how to approach teaching English as a second language.

The Higher Level Teaching Assistant (RQF) Level 4 is a course destined for those who have a fairly good understanding of teaching and are looking for the next step in their career. It is a brief course that will further your existing knowledge, in no time.

Paired up with one of the above, the Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (RQF) can help you gain a competitive advantage. It will prepare you for work with students with special educational needs and much more. The course’s 9 units explore child development, safeguarding, equality, diversity and support learning activities.

If you find you want to take your knowledge even further, the Access to HE in Education Diploma can help you develop and train to become a teacher. These courses have been specifically designed for individuals who are looking for an alternative to traditional A-level qualifications.

You don’t need to compromise on your dreams. Have a taste of other countries, cultures as well as experience what teaching means in other corners of the world


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