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Diploma in Management (RQF) Level 3

If you're a born leader with a keenness to learn, then developing a career in management could be for you. The best thing about management is that there are opportunities within a huge majority of sectors and industries, whether it's retail, sales, HR, recruitment, finance or even business. Whatever your area of expertise, you're bound to find something to suit you and provide the opportunity to utilise your existing skill set, as well as acquiring new skills.

Our NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Management RQF Qualification (601/4032/X) is a fully recognised qualification listed on the RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework). It’s ideal for current and perspective managers across any sector or industry. The distance learning course aims to cover the skills and knowledge needed to be a competent and successful manager.

As well as being financially rewarding, becoming a successful manager can be the start of a new direction in your career. It's important to carry on developing and improving yourself, therefore a distance learning course may be the perfect option for you.

The key to becoming a successful manager is being an all-rounder and having the second-to-none ability to turn your hands to absolutely anything within an often demanding but extremely dynamic environment.

A Diploma in Management RQF Qualification will allow you to become multi-skilled and establish your own strengths as a manager. It will develop the skills and qualities you need and which are valued by employees in employers.

Who can enrol?

This qualification is ideal for both current and soon-to-be managers who are interested in developing their skills and knowledge in order to become a competent and successful manager.

This knowledge-based course contains practical aspects that will need to be demonstrated. You'll be assessed on the tasks you do at work and create a portfolio of evidence to show what you've achieved. You'll need to be working in a managerial role in any sector or industry in order to begin this course.

What qualification will you get?

You'll receive the NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Management RQF Qualification (601/4032/X) after you’ve successfully finished the course.

The NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Management is designed to develop your understanding of business markets and the management of individuals' performance within a workplace environment. This course will cover all of the fundamental skills needed for becoming a successful manager, including communication, organisational, presentation skills and project management.

What will you study?

Studying our management course will allow you to develop skills in a range of areas relevant to managerial roles, including:

  • Understanding team building and dynamics
  • Managing individuals' performance and team performance
  • Identifying and managing personal and professional development
  • Negotiating in a business environment
  • Managing and supporting the delivery of a project

Understanding a team and dynamics is important because it plays a vital role in the day-to-day operations within a company, regardless of the industry and sector, and will help with developing your own skills and establishing the difference between leading and managing.

People have different strengths, amounts of experience, and ways of working but will all have to work together. Understanding this makes a difference to managing time, people and it's an essential part of building an effective team.

What can I do once I have successfully completed the Diploma in Management RQF Level 3 Course?

The Diploma in Management RQF Level 3 carries 55 credits which can be transferred to progress onto further study, for example, a degree. You’ll also be able to progress onto the Level 4 NVQ in Management or the NVQ Level 5 in Management and Leadership, where you'll learn the key differences between management and leadership.

We also offer a Management and Leadership Course, Management Support Systems Course and Management Accounting Course

Besides a huge sense of achievement, a manager will be given the power to carry out certain duties as such as set work schedules, evaluate staff, organise training and even play a part in the growth and direction of the business. The opportunity to manage people and the added responsibility provides a sparkling new challenge. 

What is the average salary for a managerial position?

Income will vary based on the industry or sector you're working in. Newly appointed managers can typically earn anything from £18,000 - £20,000+

Current managers with a few years' experience under their belt hoping for a promotion can earn anything from £30,000 onwards.

More senior managers can expect to earn anything between £40,000 - 100,000 depending on size, type of company and location.

Other benefits may include life insurance, childcare vouchers, pension scheme, car allowance and interest-free season ticket loans.

All figures are intended as a guideline. (Source: National Careers Service)

Is there government funding available for doing this course?

Yes, there is Government funding available for doing this course...

You can choose to fund this course privately, yourself, or you could get a 19+ Advanced Learner Loan. Stonebridge has partnered with Dimensions Training Solutions, who are accountable to the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and Ofsted, to provide this course with Government backed funding. Through Dimensions Training Solutions, you can access your 19+ Advanced Learner Loan, if you meet the criteria. The two main conditions are:

  • You need to be aged 19 or over
  • You need to be a UK citizen.

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Would a 19+ Advanced Learner Loan make any difference to my course?

Yes, when you study using this kind of funding, "Dimensions Training Solutions" deliver your course and it does offer considerably more than the same one without the 19+ funding loan.

Enhanced course content

Six Employability and Independent Learning Skills (EILS) modules are embedded in the content of your course: Maths, English, Digital Life Skills, Confidence, Resilience and Meeting Deadlines.

You can choose to study a further four: Workplace Ready, Initiative, Teamwork and Problem Solving. These are all designed to boost your personal skill level and help your career progression.

Additional personal support

A Student Support Officer (SSO) will be assigned to you, so you have a single point of contact throughout your course to support you with any admin issues.

Dimensions Training Solutions regularly update the SFA with details of study hours, and evidence of learning, in order to responsibly account for your course funding.

You will have an Individual Learning Plan with a set "finish date" and your SSO is there to encourage and help you stay on course. This is in addition to your Assessor, who assesses your work and provides personal constructive feedback.

The difference between courses funded by 19+ loan and privately funded courses when you enrol from the Stonebridge website
Features Course funded
by 19+ Advanced
Learner Loan
Course funded Privately
Personal Student Support Officer assigned to you
Personal Assessor Support assigned to you
Automatic embedding of 6 key Employability and Independent Learning Skills (EILS) in course
10 EILS available
Course delivered by Dimensions Training Solutions
Course delivered by Stonebridge Associated Colleges
Individual Learning Plan with a set "finish date"
Flexible deadline to finish your course
Online study delivery
Postal study delivery
Payment in full or in instalments while you study
Eligibility requirement for loan
Nothing to pay until course is finished and you earn over £21,000 pa.

Courses on the Stonebridge website funded by 19+ Advanced Learner Loans are delivered by Dimensions Training Solutions

Dimensions Training Solutions are rated "Good" by Ofsted

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Paper Based Study - You can enrol today and pay much, much later

With paper based study we post out the course materials to you. You can then review them in your own time and complete the assignments which you are required to submit to your personal tutor for marking and feedback.

Payment Method
iPay in Full
Total Price: £1874.99
iPay using 0% APR Instalment Plan*
Deposit: £19.99
Instalments: £167.50
Monthly Payments: 12
Cashback: £30.00
Total Price: £1999.99
iPay using Pay4Later Consumer Credit
Deposit: £93.75
Instalments: £90.57
Monthly Payments: 24
Total Price: £2267.45
iPay with 19+ Loan
Deposit: £0
Instalments: No payments until salary reaches £21,000
Total Price: £2573.00
Enrol Now
Payment Method Deposit Instalments Monthly Payments Cashback Total Price
(after cashback)
iPay in Full £1874.99 Small blue cross Small blue cross Small blue cross £1874.99 Enrol
iPay using 0% APR Instalment Plan* £19.99 £167.50 12 £30.00 £1999.99 Enrol
iPay using Pay4Later Consumer Credit £93.75 £90.57 24 Small blue cross £2267.45 Enrol
iPay with 19+ Loan £0 No payments until salary reaches £21,000 Small blue cross £2573.00 Enrol Now

*Cashback will be paid to you once you have finished paying for your course in full. For more information, please see our cash back terms and conditions. The total amount payable over the term’s period, is no more than the total cash price of the course. (APR = 0%). Written quotations are available on request.

Online Study - You can enrol today and pay much, much later

When you study online you can quickly access your course material online and submit all of your question papers to your tutor online, using your unique student account. You have access to all of your course material immediately, and when you submit question papers, your tutor sends you an email containing your results and feedback.

Payment Method Deposit Instalments Monthly Payments Cashback Total Price
(after cashback)
iPay in Full £1844.99 Small blue cross Small blue cross Small blue cross £1844.99 Enrol
iPay using 0% APR Instalment Plan* £19.99 £164.83 12 £30.00 £1967.99 Enrol
iPay using Pay4Later Consumer Credit £92.25 £89.12 24 Small blue cross £2231.17 Enrol
Pay with 19+ Loan £0 No Payments until salary reaches £21,000 Small blue cross £2573.00 Enrol Now

Stonebridge Associated Colleges Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Consumer Credit License: 673930).

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