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How to start a degree in psychology and sociology

November 2, 2016

Social science is a field of study that focuses on society and relationships between people. It’s broken down into topics including economics, human geography, psychology and sociology. Understanding how communities are built, and how different[...]
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How do you get a job as a science teacher?

October 27, 2016
Science teacher. Woman holding up a test tube

Why become a science teacher? The internet has made science far more accessible. We can get answers to our questions instantly. With so much information about subjects like space exploration at our fingertips, it’s easy to forget just how much[...]
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Everything you need to know about 19+ Advanced Learner Loans

October 19, 2016
Advanced Learner Loans. Woman reading a tablet

The affordable way to study You’ve probably heard about loans for university students, but did you know that financial support is also available for distance learners? 19+ Advanced Learner Loans give you the opportunity to work towards a qualification,[...]
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Can I go to university without A-Levels?

October 7, 2016
Go to university without A-Levels. Students graduating.

Why should I go to university? At Stonebridge, we train thousands of learners in the UK and internationally, to give them the confidence and skills to start a degree. If you’re over 21 and didn’t go to college or university after school, then[...]
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How to become a midwife

September 26, 2016
Stonebridge blog. Midwifery. Midwife. Maternity. New Born Baby.

There are currently over 27,000 midwives in the UK but despite a decrease in birth rates, there is still a shortage of qualified maternity staff. If you are looking for a career that is both demanding and rewarding, have a calm and caring nature and are[...]
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Start a new career as an English teacher

August 25, 2016
English teacher. Book, mug of tea and cookies

If you’re a bit of a bookworm and looking for an escape route from a boring office job, then you might find you’d make an excellent English teacher. Going into teaching later in life, can bring out skills you didn’t even know you[...]
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Let down by your A-Level results?

August 18, 2016
A-Level results. Typing at a laptop

Collecting A-Level results is over, what’s next? The newspapers are full of happy faces, but what about the students who didn’t get the results they hoped for? Your A-Level results can be disappointing, but they may also provide an opportunity. What[...]
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Why nursing skills will always matter

August 11, 2016
Nursing skills. Phone and stethoscope

Nursing is more than a career; it’s something that makes a visible difference to the lives of ordinary people. Not only are nurses at the forefront of medical care, but they also continue the work of a long line of strong and dedicated individuals,[...]
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Life as a mature student

July 21, 2016
Life as a mature student. Man holding up tablet computers

You might picture life as a mature student, as sitting at the back of a classroom, feeling out of place. Adult learning is not about fitting in with an existing model of education; it’s flexible, tailored to the mature learner and more popular[...]
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Study psychology and criminology at university

July 7, 2016
Psychology and criminology. Hooded man walking on a bridge

Learning more about society means we can improve it and make a difference to the lives of people in our community. Social science is a field of study that looks at society as a whole and also relationships between people. Two of the most interesting[...]
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