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7 Jobs You Could Apply For After Studying An RQF In Business Administration

April 27, 2018
business administration jobs

Let’s get down to business! Gaining a business administration qualification is a sure fire way to kick-start an exciting and profitable career. Embarking on an online study programme like the Level 3 RQF Diploma in Business Administration course,[...]
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5 Ways Negotiating Skills Can Boost Your Career

December 13, 2017
Improve your negotiation skills

What are negotiation skills? Negotiating is a type of communication that ends in an agreement. In business, negotiation techniques are used to close sales, draw up contracts and split responsibilities between colleagues. So, how can negotiation training[...]
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Your Start Up Journey – Plan the Business Operations

November 22, 2016
abe-business-startup- plan the operations

You’ve established that there is a need for your product or service and have used the marketing mix to develop a positioning strategy. Now that your start up business idea is concrete and ready to go, you need to understand the legalities. Abiding by[...]
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Business Start Up Element 3 – Planning the Marketing Approach

November 16, 2016

You’ve built and refined your business start up idea and turned it into a unique and exciting product that your target audience needs. In Element 3 you will use the marketing mix to develop a positioning strategy and begin to generate a loyal customer[...]
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Begin Your Business Start Up Journey with Stonebridge

November 3, 2016

Setting up a new business requires specific skills and attributes in order to grow a start up from an initial idea to a successful business. There are six key elements to starting a new business, each one as important as the next in ensuring the continued[...]
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Effective communication in a business

August 31, 2016

Effective communication is the key to business success Good communication can help build great working relationships between business owners and employees, and as a result an increase of morale and productivity. Learning how to effectively communicate[...]
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