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Complementary Therapies

Crystal Healing – Student Success Story

January 13, 2016

Carol Cameleon – Crystal Healing The reason why I chose this crystal healing course is because I wanted to increase my knowledge of crystals, how they work, why they work and which ones to use for various areas of life. My interest in crystals began[...]
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Yoga – Why It’s the Perfect Career Option

September 1, 2015

Yoga is a very popular exercise with thousands of health clubs and gyms frequently running yoga classes. It’s also a great way to improve your social life and make new friends. Yoga can be highly useful to anyone looking to improve their concentration,[...]
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Crystal Healing – A Brand New Direction?

August 7, 2015
crystal healing

Even though you wouldn’t normally consider a career which involves crystals, crystal healing is actually very fascinating and intriguing. Crystal healing is set to become extremely popular as it’s a relaxing and non-invasive treatment. Crystal[...]
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