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4 Empowering Courses That Will Help Women Break Into Male Dominated Industries

March 8, 2018
Confident Woman Bricklayer with Overalls and Helmet with Her Hands on Hips

Together let’s shatter that glass ceiling and achieve gender equality in the workplace! Here at Stonebridge College, we’ve been thinking about the best ways to secure gender equality in the workplace. Although men and women receive them same educational[...]
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Train for security manager jobs

June 14, 2016
Security manager jobs. Man putting on a tie

What is a security manager? Security management involves protecting a company’s employees and assets, which can include intellectual property, data and sensitive information. A security manager’s job is to carry out risk assessments and[...]
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Become a Forensic Scientist

August 10, 2015
forensic scientist

If you fancy unleashing your inner Sherlock Holmes, then a career in forensic science may just be the perfect path for you. The huge popularity of crime-based US and UK TV dramas as such as NCIS, CSI, Silent Witness, Waking the Dead, Law and Order and[...]
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