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Skills for the Future: Digital Marketing – Social Media

November 22, 2018
social media concept

What Is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing consists of any marketing efforts that make use of an electronic device (desktops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, gaming consoles) to convey a message over a digital channel (websites, social media, search engines,[...]
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How to ace your sales presentations

January 18, 2016
sales presentation

12 tips to help you make that sale The following infographic  looks at how you can deliver a sales pitch that not only wows prospective clients with your delivery skills, but also has them filling in a PO before you leave the building. Want to get on[...]
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Negotiating with Customers

December 14, 2015
negotiating with customers

If you study our Sales and Marketing (QCF) course, you’ll learn about effectively negotiating with customers, a very important aspect of building a successful career within sales and marketing. A negotiation is an attempt to reach an agreement.[...]
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Influences on Buyer Behaviour

December 2, 2015
buyer behaviour

What influences customers to buy certain products or services? Buyer behaviour is often extremely complex. There are lots of internal and external factors that have an influence on it. In addition to sales presentations and negotiating with customers,[...]
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Delivering a Sales Presentation

November 13, 2015
sales presentation

If you decide to take our Sales and Marketing Course (QCF), you’ll learn the laws and ethics of selling and handling objections. You’ll also learn the important elements of delivering a sales presentation and making sure that it’s a[...]
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Carve a Career in Sales and Marketing

August 17, 2015
sales and marketing

There are jobs in sales and marketing across all industries, as everything needs promoting, from products to organisations to people. There’ll always be a need for sales and marketing, particularly online marketing as the internet continues to grow.[...]
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