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7 Jobs You Could Apply For After Studying An RQF In Business Administration

April 27, 2018
business administration jobs

Let’s get down to business! Gaining a business administration qualification is a sure fire way to kick-start an exciting and profitable career. Embarking on an online study programme like the Level 3 RQF Diploma in Business Administration course,[...]
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Turn your hobby into a job with our career ideas

May 13, 2016
Career ideas. Camera sitting on a pile of books.

Are you feeling uninspired in your job? You don’t have to be. Why not get some career ideas from your hobbies? 5 career ideas Photographer Do you love taking pictures in your spare time? Once you get to grips with a digital camera, you can start[...]
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How To Be A Personal Trainer Infographic

April 11, 2016
How to be a personal trainer

The fitness industry is an exciting and expanding industry There’s a high rate of employment within the industry with currently more than 6,000 fitness centres located all across the UK. Many people from all walks of life long to get fitter and[...]
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Go to work happy

April 6, 2016
Go to work happy

Choose a job you love, go to work happy If you have a job you love then you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Because work, if you love it, ceases to become work but becomes a hobby, a pastime that earns you money. Happiness at work starts[...]
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Looking for a career change?

March 9, 2016
want a career change

Mary was really unhappy at work, watch the video to see how Stonebridge helped [...]
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How To Find Your Passion

February 22, 2016
Follow your passion

Are you in a situation where you don’t know the purpose of living your life? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that something is missing (in your life); you’re not following your passion but you have no idea what it is? What you need to do is to[...]
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Follow your dream with help from Stonebridge

February 17, 2016
Follow your dream

Have you ever said to yourself?, “I want to do something more with my life,” If you have, that’s probably because you haven’t followed your dreams. You’ve probably let yourself do something that was forced upon you by your parents, by fate,[...]
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Stonebridge Can Help You To Do what you love

February 12, 2016
Do what you love wooden blocks

Live your Passion: Do What You Love at Work It’s a story you hear all the time: people become trapped in unsatisfying jobs and slowly lose the zest for life that propelled them through the start of their career. They begin to struggle to get through[...]
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How to Write a Personal Development Plan

January 20, 2016
personal development plan

What is a Personal Development Plan? A personal development plan is when you have a structured plan which precisely details where you see yourself in a the future and what you’d like to achieve. It allows you to really plan ahead and ask yourself[...]
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Signs You’re In the Wrong Job – Life’s Too Short

October 19, 2015
in the wrong job

It’s a beautiful thing for people to say that they really enjoy their job. There are those who’ve been lucky enough to stay on a smooth, steady path of employment and those who’ve been treading miserable employment waters. Dissatisfaction[...]
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