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Can Teaching Assistants Make a Real Difference?

March 31, 2016
Teaching Assistants Make a Real Difference

The number of teaching assistants in classrooms has trebled in the last decade The recent increase in job openings for teaching assistants has sparked the age-old debate: can teaching assistants make a real difference in the classroom? You can get the[...]
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The importance of teaching assistants

March 29, 2016
The importance of teaching assistants

Do you fancy working closely with pupils? Let’s discuss the importance of teaching assistants. Would you like to have an important role in pupils well being and learning? Can you see yourself assisting a teacher in her job with students? Do you[...]
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Duties of a Teaching Assistant

March 18, 2016
Duties of a teaching assistant

Teaching assistants are people who aid and support a teacher What are the duties of a Teaching assistant? They help in facilitating any teaching-related tasks and activities in a classroom. They need to conduct teaching assistant duties and work closely[...]
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How to silence a noisy classroom

March 16, 2016
5 ways to silence a noisy classroom

Do you find it difficult to quieten a class or group in order to gain their attention? Have a look at the 5 ways to silence a noisy classroom, summarised from an article by Rob Plevin in TES. 1.The unexpected Do something that your pupils are not expecting but[...]
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3 Ways To Successfully Control Classroom Behaviour

March 24, 2015
control classroom behaviour

There is an amusing article in this week’s edition of TES about how to control classroom behaviour, shrouded in the language of Zen-type meditation. The author Steve Edison writes by way of parable contrasting the styles of 3 teachers: Mr Fierce,[...]
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How Teaching Assistants can improve classroom behaviour

February 18, 2015
classroom behaviour

There was an interesting and very practical article in this week’s TES showing how good classroom behaviour can be maintained. It involved teachers working in close conjunction with their teaching assistants (TAs), who can then make a positive contribution[...]
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