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Being a Teaching Assistant: The Complete Guide + Infographic

March 1, 2018
Teaching Assistant Guide

Did you know that teaching assistants have one of the most rewarding careers? They get the chance to see the difference they make to someone’s life on a daily basis. If this is something you see yourself doing, keep reading. We put together this infographic[...]
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How you can make a difference in the role of a Teaching Assistant

June 3, 2016
How the role of a Teaching Assistant can make a difference. Pencils in a circle.

If a student is falling behind in the classroom, the Teacher won’t always have time to give them individual support. That’s where the role of a Teaching Assistant comes in. Spot a struggling student Bad behaviour – sometimes a child[...]
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How to silence a noisy classroom

March 16, 2016
5 ways to silence a noisy classroom

Do you find it difficult to quieten a class or group in order to gain their attention? Have a look at the 5 ways to silence a noisy classroom, summarised from an article by Rob Plevin in TES. 1.The unexpected Do something that your pupils are not expecting but[...]
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Teaching Assistants Can Make A Difference

September 14, 2015
TA week at Stonebridge

It’s Teaching Assistants Fortnight at Stonebridge Were you aware that there’s a National Teaching Assistant Day celebrated every year? Well, it’s always held on the 16th September. The event is always extremely positive and there’s[...]
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How Teaching Assistants can improve classroom behaviour

February 18, 2015
classroom behaviour

There was an interesting and very practical article in this week’s TES showing how good classroom behaviour can be maintained. It involved teachers working in close conjunction with their teaching assistants (TAs), who can then make a positive contribution[...]
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Praise children for effort not ability

November 17, 2014

Praising for ability Parents and those working with children know that criticizing the child rather than their behaviour is unproductive and often causes the child to live up to a negative label. However, most of us don’t realise that you should praise[...]
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