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The 4 Study Skills Every Learner Needs

January 5, 2018
Student studying on the table

Motivating yourself as an adult learner is different to being at school or university. You might be more focused, but you’re more likely to be juggling family life and a full-time job. At Stonebridge, we tap into the ambition that we know[...]
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10 Online Courses Which Will Make Great Christmas Gifts This Year

December 14, 2017
Female hands typing on laptop with Christmas stuffs around

Give the Gift of Education This Year Are you looking for a unique Christmas present for a friend or relative? Home study is a fast-growing industry and Stonebridge College is leading the way with innovative new technology. Choose from hundreds of online[...]
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The Stonebridge student experience

May 15, 2017
Meet likeminded people through distance learning

Starting a distance learning course for the first time can be daunting, but at Stonebridge College, we’ve spent the last 20 years supporting our students to reach their employment ambitions. At the heart of what we do is a commitment to listening[...]
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Ways to Create and Maintain a Professional Network

December 11, 2015
professional network

A professional network is a way of interacting with people in a professional context which gives you the opportunity to help build your business and meet like-minded individuals. Building a strong professional network is highly necessary for a successful[...]
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Nerd Alert

July 5, 2012

Hey gang. So, I have a confession to make. I am a complete nerd. I stayed in school for 23 years of my life, the latter 10 of those years being entirely by choice. And I’m thinking of studying again! While I don’t love writing essays or taking exams,[...]
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Old Dog, New Tricks

April 12, 2012

Is it really possible to break into a new area of learning and study long after the act of study has officially ceased? Can someone really become ‘too old to learn’ now? Or are the true obstacles to learning in adult and later life self-doubt and[...]
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The Balance of Power

March 12, 2012

The Internet and related technology has grown to the point where it is arguably one the largest and most prevalent source of information on Earth. The question of ownership of this medium, and therefore who holds the power of this information, is a point[...]
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Advantages of Home Study Courses

February 1, 2012

Normally it is very hard to start anything which you don’t know the outcome of. And fear is the greatest enemy in the world. I joined a Home Study Course some months ago. Here are the advantages I am enjoying now: I am glad I have a Tutor who has[...]
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