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2018 is the Best Time to Become a Personal Trainer

December 20, 2017
Personal Trainer

Personal Training is the hottest profession this year As the awareness about the benefits of fitness increases every year, more and more gym goers are opting to get trained by a Personal Trainer. Not to forget the fitness industry is at an altogether[...]
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10 Things That The Stonebridge Personal Trainer Courses Teach You

November 21, 2017
Fitness trainer courses

Looking for personal trainer courses? With over 6000 exercise centres across the UK, fitness experts are in demand. Apps, social media channels and websites are playing a major role in promoting the industry, with a record number of people now signed[...]
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Personal trainer courses online are the convenient way to get qualified

September 22, 2017
Best personal trainer courses

Your new career A recent survey found that 58% of women and 65% of men are overweight. Fitness is big business, with 9 million people signed up to gyms in the UK. The growth of the internet has seen the exercise industry continue to evolve. From fitness[...]
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How to become a personal trainer

September 14, 2016
How to become a personal trainer. Two women working out in a gym

Turn your passion for fitness into a career. The health and fitness market is growing fast. Many people want to live a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know where to start, or don’t have the time to follow a dedicated fitness plan. That’s[...]
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Why become a personal fitness trainer?

April 18, 2016
become a personal fitness trainer

There’s never been a better time to become a personal fitness trainer Fitness is a trending topic that is set to last and with an exciting and expanding industry, why not make the move? With social media influencers promoting the benefits of a healthy[...]
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How To Be A Personal Trainer Infographic

April 11, 2016
How to be a personal trainer

The fitness industry is an exciting and expanding industry There’s a high rate of employment within the industry with currently more than 6,000 fitness centres located all across the UK. Many people from all walks of life long to get fitter and[...]
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