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The Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness

July 5, 2019
The word 'Mindfulness' with associated words and phrases coming off it

Mindfulness is a hot topic. On Amazon alone there are over 50,000 results for mindfulness books and workplaces across the world are embracing Mindful Mondays. But what actually is mindfulness and why is it so great? [...]
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Should You Study Mental Health If You Have Mental Health Issues?

November 26, 2018
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One in five students suffer from mental health issues. Therefore, some of these students will undoubtedly be included in the 20% of individuals who wish to study mental health as a topic. With so many different courses, emerging research, therapeutic[...]
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The Rise of Self-Therapy: Are Counsellors Still Necessary?

November 16, 2018
Young self-confident woman

The interest in self-therapy has been steadily rising. US-based radio station NPR called it “The Millennial Obsession”. That’s because this generation is the one that contributes the most to the £7 billion self-care industry. It is also the one[...]
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4 Online Mental Health Courses Which Could Transform Your Career

May 16, 2018
mental health awareness week

Mental Health Awareness Week If you didn’t know already, this week is Mental Health Awareness Week. For those who are not familiar with the occasion, this yearly occurrence has been put in place to help the public better understand and deal with Mental[...]
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10 Common Misconceptions about Mental Health

November 20, 2017
Hands holding a mental health awareness ribbon

Despite its prevalence in the modern world, mental illness is still widely misunderstood. If this is to change, there must be a conscious and dedicated effort to educate society. Mental health courses such as the NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Understanding[...]
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How to become a CBT therapist

June 15, 2017
Our CBT training is convenient and online.

In 2017, one in four people in the UK will struggle with a mental health issue. Anxiety and depression have always affected human beings, but research has revealed that self-harm and suicidal thoughts are on the rise. Mental health in young people[...]
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How to get into counselling

April 19, 2017
How to start a career in counselling with an introductory course

What is counselling? Counselling is a type of therapy that encourages people to talk about their experiences, problems and feelings in a confidential setting. Clients use counselling to consider their own behaviour from new perspectives and to overcome difficult[...]
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What is cognitive behavioural therapy?

May 24, 2016
Cognitive behavioural therapy. Girl in the sunlight

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a type of counselling that helps people to change the way they think and act. It’s a combination of cognitive therapy and behaviour therapy. This type of therapy can be very effective for people suffering from anxiety[...]
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What are the symptoms of anxiety?

May 18, 2016
Symptoms of anxiety. Girl sitting by a window.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, with a focus on relationships. We’re taking a look at the symptoms of anxiety, what to look out for in our friends and family and what we can do to help. Symptoms of anxiety include: Problems sleeping Restlessness Dizziness Irritability Tense[...]
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What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

February 3, 2016
post traumatic stress

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is often a highly overlooked and misunderstood condition. Post-traumatic stress disorder can be extremely debilitating for the person suffering from it. Luckily at Stonebridge, we offer a fascinating course that[...]
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