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CBT, Counselling and Psychotherapy

What is cognitive behavioural therapy?

May 24, 2016
Cognitive behavioural therapy. Girl in the sunlight

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a type of counselling that helps people to change the way they think and act. It’s a combination of cognitive therapy and behaviour therapy. This type of therapy can be very effective for people suffering from anxiety[...]
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What are the symptoms of anxiety?

May 18, 2016
Symptoms of anxiety. Girl sitting by a window.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, with a focus on relationships. We’re taking a look at the symptoms of anxiety, what to look out for in our friends and family and what we can do to help. Symptoms of anxiety include: Problems sleeping Restlessness Dizziness Irritability Tense[...]
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What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

February 3, 2016
post traumatic stress

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is often a highly overlooked and misunderstood condition. Post-traumatic stress disorder can be extremely debilitating for the person suffering from it. Luckily at Stonebridge, we offer a fascinating course that[...]
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Jobs in Advice and Guidance

December 21, 2015
jobs in advice and guidance

Our Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Advice and Guidance (QCF) course will give you all the knowledge and skills required to apply for jobs in advice and guidance. There are numerous roles that look favourably on advice and guidance training. For example, these[...]
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Bullying and Self-Esteem

November 16, 2015

There’s absolutely no doubt that bullying is a difficult and traumatic experience for anyone, regardless of age. It can happen in school, college, work, anywhere! It often tends to have a negative impact on self-esteem. To mark Anti-Bullying Week[...]
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Stress Management

November 6, 2015
stress management

Stress is arguably the most unpleasant feeling that we can experience on a daily basis. It can be highly debilitating. Luckily, we have lots of techniques for stress management. What is Stress? Stress is when you’re in a state of mental and emotional[...]
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National Stress Awareness Day

November 4, 2015
Stress Awareness

Our modern fast-paced lifestyles are full of work and commitments Free time is and ever-dwindling, it’s no wonder we’re getting stressed. According to a study 1 in every 3 people have said that they feel stressed. Stress is our body’s way of telling[...]
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Effects of bullying in later life

October 21, 2015
effects of bullying

Pupils who experienced bullying at school or elsewhere are more likely to experience long-term effects of bullying. Bullying can be in many form. It can be homophobic, racist and even sexist. Reasons people bully others could depend on their personal[...]
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What Is Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

September 24, 2015

Addiction is a chronic disease and a mental illness that can be potentially damaging both psychologically and physically… …so it’s important to gain a better understanding of it. It can take many different forms and include many different[...]
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What is a reflective practitioner of counselling?

February 27, 2015
reflective practitioner

In most professions, reflective practice is the process of reflecting on professional experiences that occur in the job, and learning from them. It’s also about the approach to the job and being able to see where improvements can be made. This applies[...]
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