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Hospitality and Events Management

Why Hospitality is so Exciting

September 7, 2015

The hospitality industry is exciting at the moment due to the rapid growth and ever-increasing opportunities. We offer a wide range of courses for those who are particularly interested in pursuing a career in hospitality, whether that’s opening[...]
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Planning an Overseas Wedding

August 3, 2015
Overseas Wedding

Why take a course in wedding planning? Undertaking the wedding planning and event management course can provide a gateway to a whole array of exciting opportunities which can really make a difference to the lives of lots of engaged couples everywhere,[...]
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Working in the Wedding Industry

July 16, 2015
Wedding Industry

Your next career could be in the wedding industry With the wedding industry constantly booming and wedding season currently in full swing, there isn’t a more perfect time to seize the various opportunities to boost your income and build an extremely[...]
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