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Health and Social Care

The Skills, Values and Qualifications of a Health & Social Care Worker

November 14, 2018

Health and social care is such an engaging and varied work, it is no surprise so many people work in this field. The NHS alone employs 1.4 million people in health care and 1.6 million in social care. Did you know that women make up 80% of the non-medical[...]
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4 Online Mental Health Courses Which Could Transform Your Career

May 16, 2018
mental health awareness week

Mental Health Awareness Week If you didn’t know already, this week is Mental Health Awareness Week. For those who are not familiar with the occasion, this yearly occurrence has been put in place to help the public better understand and deal with Mental[...]
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How to Become a Social Worker (The Comprehensive Guide + E-book)

April 20, 2018
Little boy draws inscription outdoors, social worker

How to become a social worker Do you want a career that makes a real difference to people’s lives? Have you got the drive and motivation needed to empower vulnerable individuals? If so, a career in social work could be suited to you. However, before[...]
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Everything you Need to Know About Becoming a Care Worker (Comprehensive Guide + E-book)

March 27, 2018
Senior elderly woman holding quad walking cane with her male doctor caregiver at nursing home. Retired pensioner old lady & man helping her to get up with stick. Background, close up, copy space.

How to become a care worker So, you are thinking about becoming a care worker? Well, we think this is a great choice, and as far as job satisfaction is concerned, we believe caring is in a league of its own. As well as being rewarding, a career in care[...]
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5 ways health and social care courses can help your career

November 26, 2017
Study health and social care courses online

Why study health and social care courses online? Stonebridge’s health and social care courses are the flexible way to train. Encouraging lifelong learning is a goal for care industry leaders, but many workers don’t have access to the materials[...]
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Find out how to get into health and social care

May 10, 2017
Get into healthcare with a flexible course.

Why work in health and social care? Although almost everyone will at some point in their life rely upon a health and social care professional, few people know much about the vital work that they do. The sector is vast, with a 2016 study revealing[...]
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The 5 most useful personality traits for carers

February 29, 2016
Carers that help people

Not everyone is suited to caring, but some people seem to be just made for the job of  a carer Many care companies, particularly those that look after people in their own homes, find themselves recruiting carers who come from many walks of life. Often[...]
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5 Ways To Improve Your Communication With The People You Care For

January 22, 2016

Communication is the key to relationships, and relating to people well is what the best carers do None of us were born equal, though, so some people find it easier to communicate better than others. If you’re aware that sometimes you don’t[...]
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How to deal with sensory loss in people you care for

October 5, 2015

Imagine a world where you couldn’t experience everything fully Food is insipid at best; reading becomes more of an effort. Your family complain that they can’t hear themselves think when you watch the television, and you can’t really[...]
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Why Health and Social Care is a Rewarding Career

October 1, 2015
health and social care

It’s a sad fact of life that within all communities there are vulnerable groups of people. Some need full-time care, while others need help as they can’t manage alone but are still capable of leading an independent life. As a consequence, there[...]
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