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Become an Assessor with a Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

February 15, 2016

The practical skills, or experience, you already have, could be the key you need to become an assessor! Join 1000’s of freelance assessors enjoying varied and rewarding careers Put yourself ahead of the rest at interview Get an extra string to your[...]
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Effects of bullying in later life

October 21, 2015
effects of bullying

Pupils who experienced bullying at school or elsewhere are more likely to experience long-term effects of bullying. Bullying can be in many form. It can be homophobic, racist and even sexist. Reasons people bully others could depend on their personal[...]
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Autism Experts Gathered at Conference

June 23, 2015
Autism Conference

Learning And Being Humbled At An Autism Conference Stonebridge staff collectively said it was a real privilege to attend a 2 day autism conference in Elgin, North East Scotland last week. What was spoken was humbling, inspiring and educational. It created[...]
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Teaching Children With Hyperactivity

February 3, 2015

Perhaps before we consider how to teach children with hyperactivity we need to know what hyperactivity is! Hyperactivity – could you describe a hyperactive child? Is it the little girl who squeals as she runs around the nursery or classroom getting[...]
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Praise children for effort not ability

November 17, 2014

Praising for ability Parents and those working with children know that criticizing the child rather than their behaviour is unproductive and often causes the child to live up to a negative label. However, most of us don’t realise that you should praise[...]
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