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How to Become a Child Psychologist

March 13, 2017
You need a qualification to become a child psychologist

The way that we think about child development has changed. In the past, children were seen as little adults whose minds were effectively blank slates. They were dressed and treated like grown-ups, with exposure to education believed to be all that[...]
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National Autism Awareness Month

April 20, 2016
autism awareness

This month, join us as we see the world differently for National Autism Awareness Month. April is all about Autism Awareness and shining a light on this condition. With 1.1% of the population affected by Autism, it’s time we all started to see the world[...]
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Let’s Make The World A Better Place For People With Autism

April 13, 2016
with autism

Working and caring for people with autism Imagine not being able to see the world as others do, not being able to make sense of social situations, feeling different but not knowing why. This is how a child with autism feels. Working and caring for children[...]
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Aggression in Children: How to Deal With It

February 10, 2016
Aggression in Children

Studying our child psychology course will help you get to the bottom of aggression in children and all the possible reasons why they may behave aggressively. Aggression in children can be the result of many underlying problems. Children can behave aggressively[...]
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National Stress Awareness Day

November 4, 2015
Stress Awareness

Our modern fast-paced lifestyles are full of work and commitments Free time is and ever-dwindling, it’s no wonder we’re getting stressed. According to a study 1 in every 3 people have said that they feel stressed. Stress is our body’s way of telling[...]
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Effects of bullying in later life

October 21, 2015
effects of bullying

Pupils who experienced bullying at school or elsewhere are more likely to experience long-term effects of bullying. Bullying can be in many form. It can be homophobic, racist and even sexist. Reasons people bully others could depend on their personal[...]
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What is a Loving Relationship?

August 26, 2015
loving relationship

Following on from our previous blogs about relationship maintenance strategies and healthy relationships, we discuss the importance of having a loving relationship. What is a loving relationship? Our relationship psychology course looks at all sorts of[...]
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Relationship maintenance strategies

August 25, 2015
relationship maintenance strategies

In our previous blog, we discussed maintaining healthy relationships. Now we’ll look at relationship maintenance strategies. Our relationship psychology course will explore the main issues that cause problems in relationships as well as the strategies[...]
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How to Develop a Healthy Relationship

August 25, 2015

Studying relationship psychology can help give you the skills to help show people how to maintain a healthy relationship. We also offer a wide range of psychology courses where you’ll be able to focus on a number of specific areas, including: Forensic[...]
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What motivates athletes to be the best?

February 12, 2015

These are 3 of the most important things successful athletes possess that help them strive for and reach goals. Energy– the strength and vitality to be the best. Energy comes from eating well and getting enough sleep. Athletes need energy in order[...]
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