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10 Online Courses Which Will Make Great Christmas Gifts This Year

December 14, 2017
Female hands typing on laptop with Christmas stuffs around

Give the Gift of Education This Year Are you looking for a unique Christmas present for a friend or relative? Home study is a fast-growing industry and Stonebridge College is leading the way with innovative new technology. Choose from hundreds of online[...]
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Start Your Own Business with Our Online Dog Grooming Training

July 20, 2017
Train to be a dog groomer

The UK is home to 8.5 million dogs and professional grooming services are in demand. If you’re an animal lover looking for a flexible new role, a Stonebridge dog grooming course is for you. Our dog grooming course for beginners explores topics[...]
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How to become a dog groomer

March 20, 2017
Find out how to become a dog groomer with Stonebridge

With Crufts showcasing the demand for pampered pets, we’re thinking this week about the world of dog grooming. Taking care of man’s best friend has a long history. The Romans clipped their poodles to look like lions and lithographs from Elizabethan[...]
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Keep your pets safe during the winter months

September 9, 2016

With winter peering its frosty head around the corner, there are many things you need to do to make sure your pets are safe. Whilst this time of year can be great for your little balls of fur, the cold weather can be dangerous, if you don’t leave behind[...]
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Get a job at a veterinary clinic

July 1, 2016
Veterinary clinic. Grey kitten

Why work at a veterinary clinic? If you love animals and are passionate about animal welfare, working in the veterinary industry is a fulfilling career path. You’ll not only care for animals, but also make a difference to the lives of their owners. Who[...]
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Could you work in mobile dog grooming?

May 18, 2016
Mobile dog grooming. Husky puppy sticking its tongue out.

Are you thinking about taking your career in a new direction? You probably haven’t thought about mobile dog grooming. Here’s why you should: Why develop a career in mobile dog grooming? Mobile dog grooming is growing in popularity. People[...]
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Get your dream job working with animals

May 6, 2016
work with animals

Start your career working with animals Did watching Crufts make you want to quit your day job and start working with animals? Could you make money being a dog walker? Have you always wanted to be a vet or work in an animal shelter, a zoo or pet shop? There[...]
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Animal Communication Graduate Success Story

March 11, 2015

Animal Communication – Carrie Woolley Carrie Woolley became interested in animal communication a few years ago but she only decided to pursue learning about it recently. She enrolled on our Animal Communication Course after chatting to one of[...]
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Dog Grooming Course – Graduate Success Story

February 5, 2015
dog grooming

Professional Dog Grooming – Amanda Holden-Smith Animal lover, Amanda Holden used to be a nurse and was used to caring for people on a daily basis. However, after deciding to leave her nursing career behind, she thought it was time change direction[...]
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The Wildest Dog Grooming Styles You’ll Ever See

November 19, 2014

We’re in a very good mood in the office today. So happy indeed that we decided to share it with you. We were talking about our Dog Grooming Courses at Stonebridge when we came across this: Dogs groomed to look like wild animals. I blame the Victoria[...]
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